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In higher end raids please dont use indom, erindom or indo youll lose

I admit had an indom win mammotherium raid but beyond that not a good idea, indom, erlindom, and both indos are best in the arena. Ya need healers distracters and dinos like tryko and ardento to stand a chance against mortem max boosted in hp to win. Maybe not as much for smilo but you still need 3 or 4 solids to beat him too. The cloakers maybe for the first 2 but ya still need a healer for an easy win.

Indom gen 2 does provide a lot of distraction though. Sadly I saw it used on Smilo.

I disagree. Indoraptor G2 can be used successfully in the Mortem Rex raid, and so can Erlidominus.

As for Mortem, you don’t need Tryko to win, there’s actually a bunch of different strategies that work. Ardentismaxima is very important, I agree, and so is Tuoramoloch.


10k hp boosted ardentos, mortem hits very very hard.

Indom works really good in everything but mammo. My indom personally has 127 speed, 1600 attack, and 4,000 hp at 23. I put 23 boosts on it. It is so fast that it faster than all resilient users, cant be decelerated and creatures that are faster which isnt common dont have resilient so I can use cloak now a lot. Besides in raids it does tons of damage as well as multiplying damage for oneself. For the nemys you just need a paramolych or a shielder.

Indo g2 is actually really good for mortem and erlidom has been apart of some successful mortem raids. Tyrko however is definitely not necessary for mortem where did you get that idea?

If your Erlidom is faster than velo (161 speed) it can one shot it right out of the gate. If you use 2 erlidoms, they can both start with rampage to get rid of the minions 1st turn then distract/cloak when needed.

Dilo/Tenonto could work pretty well actually

Hey that might work! All dinos could distract so you could cut mortems damage down to almost nothing!

Sarcorxis can instant stun the velo and make it lose its turn on the first move. After that it’s up to your team to take out the minions before turn 2.

Sarcorixis is not worth using in raids. There are other far better options

Indominus Rex, erlidominus, and Indoraptor are bad for both raids and PVP. They all took nerf hits.
In fact Indominus Rex and Indominus Rex Gen 2, are better for PVP and Raids and they are not advised, because there are better options.
Indoraptor Gen 2, is just bad for PVP. It went from being one of the best, to a liability. But with the right team set up Indoraptor Gen 2 is great in Raids. Just don’t expect to be in one of those raid groups, because it requires actual communication among team members, that is not available to most unless they use a third party communication program.


My group has beaten Mortem using that Sarcorxis that’s not very good in raids. heres a raid with all indoms vs mortem rex it did not work well, same result if it was all indos and erlindoms. They are better at the arena not the raids involving mortem.Earlier raids it might work but you still need a healer.

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Have to disagree with this. I know multiple teams including some of these dinos that do anazing against mortem.

  1. erlidom, erlidom, tenonto, tenonto
  2. erLidom, erlidom, tenonto, dilo
  3. indo g2, thor, toura, dilo
  4. indo g2, maxima, toura, dilo

I know 4 isnt usefull now but hopefully later today

Usually teams like that wipe, i know erlindom can distract which helps but lacks hp usually teams i see that win are Trykos boosted hp and attack up the wazoo Aredentos with 10k hp healers being deilo 15 hp 15 attack boosts to win 28 lvl plus.

To beat mortem you need mortem constantly distracted take out the minions, he cleanses an you have to heal your team and distract him again. The biggest pain are the minions.

That’s one way of doing it, but it isn’t the only way.

Also, Happy Cake Day!

Indo gen 2 is brilliant for raids. It gives fury to all your creatures and you can use dilo to remove fury effects from mortem.


Your right, i was proven wrong by indo gen2 it did well as i healed it but other guys dont do as well its usually a wipe, usually i rely on high lvl trykos and Ardentos for mortem and a couple good healers.

The others just best for Tournement or early raids with healers and sheilders like Anky.indo g2 sorry for before,high lvl you get the green light everyone else stay in the arena and lower raids.