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In my opinion


Having played the game for 2+ years now, I thought I’d give a detailed list of suggestions I think would benefit the game.

  1. Buff Yudon
    I made a post about this suggestion a couple of months ago but I think it’s important to readdress it. Back when Yudon was first released, it had 14,077 HP and 4,399 ATK. It was a very strong and great dinosaur. Well worth it’s 78.4kDNA price tag and a strong addition to anyone’s team. However, it was nerfed shortly after it’s release and it no longer has the qualities I listed above. It had it’s stats reduced from 14,077 HP and 4,399 ATK to 11,563 HP and 3,613 ATK. It was nerfed for being “too strong” and I think this change should be reversed now due to some of the newly released dinosaurs. One of those dinosaurs being Cerazinosaurus. This dinosaur’s stats are 9,163 HP and 3,500 ATK and costs 48k DNA per Cerazinosaurus. It’s a good dinosaur, I enjoy it having it in my team very much. However, the reason this dinosaur is being brought up is because Cerazinosaurus has very similar stats to Yudon. Let’s put them side by side real quick:
    Yudon - 11,653 HP/3,613 ATK/costs 78.4k DNA
    Cerazinosaurus - 9,163 HP/3,500 ATK/costs 48k DNA

Yudon costs over 30k DNA more than Cerazinosaurus and you only gain 2,490 HP and only 113 ATK. To me, Yudon’s DNA price tag is not worth it anymore. Please reverse Yudon’s nerf.

  1. Reduce the enemy’s dinosaur team’s strength
    You put out a update about a year ago which caused the enemy’s dinosaur team to either match or just outright overpower your strongest dinosaurs. This change was fine back when you guys weren’t releasing events to do daily. However, this change is making it much more difficult for players who have a level 40 of every hybrid dinosaur in the game to complete these daily events. In order for most of these players to complete the events, they either have to spend a tremendous amount of dino bucks due to the dinosaur’s long cooldown periods (and due to the lack of dino bucks flow, this resource is harder to get now) to get back their strongest creatures or use a popular but annoying method. Neither which are fun and in my opinion, unhealthy for the game. If you watch TheGamingBeaver’s videos, you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’re basically punishing your player base for obtaining level 40 of any dinosaur with how this system is currently set up. Please reduce the enemy’s dinosaur team’s strength. Which brings me to my next suggestion…

  2. Reduce the cooldown period of the level 40 dinosaurs
    This is another way you’re punishing your player base. If a player has a level 40 of every hybrid dinosaur, they have to wait an extremely long time before they can use them again, without spending dino bucks. Let’s use Pachygalosaurus as an example. After usage, it takes AN ENTIRE WEEK, without spending bucks, in order to use it again. That’s way to long. These players with every hybrid dinosaur at level have to spend a lot of dino bucks just to complete these daily events and with the reduced flow of dino bucks, you’re starving your player base of dino bucks. Majority of the player base (including myself) likes to save their dino bucks and spend them on speeding up the incubation on any newly obtained tournament creatures and/or speeding up the evolution of their dinosaurs.

In conclusion,
With the high enemy strength, and the long cooldown periods of the level 40 dinosaurs, you’re suffocating your player base and punishing them for getting max level of any dinosaur they want. These issues along with Yudon’s current stats, the game is imbalanced. I love this game and I enjoy having these events to do daily but until the above issues are fixed, I see little reason to get anything higher than 2 level 30s of each dinosaur at maximum. For fear of getting level 40s of these creatures, I’ll have a difficult time completing the events and getting S-DNA.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


Excellent points. Thank you for your succinct post. I have written to support about the slow flow of dino bucks. I agree it’s been frustrating to see the huge cool downs on hybrids and the opposing team strength has been discouraging. I have been unable to complete quite a few events as of late either because the opposing team has just been too overpowering or the cool downs of my best dinosaurs were longer than the time of the event and cost an inordinate amount of bucks to speed the process up. Most of the time the cost of the speed ups were more than the prize was worth. I have only played about four months and have enjoyed the game immensely, that is, until I hit the big leagues, so to speak. I don’t have the hybrid you mentioned but I was frustrated with the tiercetops hybrid even before this last update. It was seven hours then and jumped considerably on this update. So far, I must say, the staff has been good about fixing other concerns I have brought to them so I feel it’s only fair to give them time to look into this and see what adjustments they will make once this has been brought to their attention. I can’t even imagine all the effort it takes to build a game and keep it balanced.

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Excellent points above.

I have not run into this yet but I have also been strategically getting multiple level 20’s of my stronger Dino’s before creating a level 30 of that Dino, not sure if this is helping in this regard but have noticed I am running up against the 24 hr cool down on some of my Dino’s when needing them for a current daily.

I am wondering if there are any plans for a way to exchange Exp gained when already at the max level of 75. Not sure what this would look like but some way to bank it and exchange it for resources like S-DNA, DNA, Dino bucks, or extra spins for prizes. Or increase the cap of the player to 100 with some interesting items that unlock as you progress? Just seems wasteful as I complete items that give experience as their reward when their is no purpose for the experience gained.


I like your ideas! It does seem wasteful to earn that experience and not do anything with it. This might help players from becoming bored because they aren’t gaining levels. Would be a good trade off imho.

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Just remove cool down in total, you can wait one week just to wait for level 40 Pachygalosaurus!

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