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In need of 2 very active daily players

United Nations is looking for 2 active higher livel players (from lvl16)
We are reaching easily rank5 in exploration every week.
There are a lot of filled dna requests (just have a no double request rule)
Our alliance finished 12th in the rush
Also we have a discord chat room which is a must to join too.
PM me here or on discord (PJ#8539) if you are interested
Happy hunting everyone! :wink:

Only one place left now :wink:

Hey my name is Miguel, I’m currently looking for a good alliance that wants to compete for the top spot… I’ve sent you a friend request and invitation. I have over 4300+ trophies and I’m level 19

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Hey miguel, if you haven’t got in with that alliance, I have a fairly new alliance if you wanna join.

Hes in. So we are full for now :wink:

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