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In need of alliance members

I’m doing most of the challenges by myself. Not sure where to find new people to join, so i’m trying my luck on here. I’m on level 20 and it would really help. So far i only have 5 members.

Not sure if you are interested but you can join our alliance. We have room for everyone. Also we donate pretty generously. The alliance is called Empire.

Ok i just requested to join my username is pretty stupid lol but its haleygrrrrrr

We are glad to have you as a member.

join again. There was a misunderstanding.

Did someone kick me out? I thought i made 10 takedowns lol

Yes someone did. You didn’t participate in the tournament

I understand it’s difficult for new players to get the hang of things

Yeah i did. I just kept losing more often then winning. Unless i was playing something else but it was the coin tournament.

No problem. Hopefully you like the new alliance. If not you are welcome to come back. Thank you

I will for sure. Sorry i wasnt expecting you to ask me to come back.