In need of an Alliance

Hello to all, I am a VERY active player who is looking for a Rank 5 and Rank 4 alliance who can donate, I have a 3000+ rating and I will always do my best to return favors and donate lots, best of luck to all other alliances!

Praguesaurus is a current 4/3 alliance but really close to 4/4. Have discord but not mandatory. Pretty chill and donations are good. PM me if interested. I can make a spot.

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Strategical, helpful, flexible. Keywords to 5/4 alliance JWA Suriname. We believe in helping each other and work together as a team. Joining our Messenger group is obligatory; we have different channels for CHAT an UPDATES.

We give rewards to top contributors on difficult and/or crucial missions: full bar on any request. Lower level players (L10+) get extra encouragement and support.

Send me a PM with username and suffix (#0000) if you’re active and interested, we’ll have some spots opening up right now.

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So you guys are 5/4? If so please do invite me my name is Dracocerat and my # 5295

Also what messaging app is needed because I have KiK, LINE, and Discord

Just sent you an invite to the alliance. We use Messenger. Group name: JWA Suriname. If you can’t find it, friend me on fb and I’ll send you an invite.
We have 2 channels: CHAT and UPDATES. In the main group you’ll find a photo with text = guidelines.

I don’t have Facebook but can u send an invite to my brother as well, he is exactly like me

I’m sorry, we only accept members who are on messenger (i.e. facebook). If you’re not, I’ll have to remove you again.

So I’ll do that now, ‘cos I have enough other applicants waiting. Sorry again. Hope you find an alliance with Discord.

Dracocerat, should you indeed get the app, you may request again as we’ll have a couple more open spots later this week. But be aware that our alliance is not about requests and donations. It is about working together. And immediately placing a DNA request without joining the group, speaks not to advantage. So before I can add you again, I need to know more: what is your goal in the game?

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No I do have messenger I just made an account please invite me back

I want to do my best to donate as much as I can to everyone and try to contribute to our goals as much as possible

My messenger name is Draco CeRatops

Please I really want to start helping today please invite me back I created a messenger account and everything because I was super excited to join and I just requested back in please accept

What is your messenger name so I can add you and so you can invite me to the chat please I’m begging you I really want to be with you all

You can join BoneRaptors
We only want members to join our
Send your ingame name

Can you get Rank 5/4?