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In need of apex raid strats

Hey everyone!
Please post your strats for any apex raid here, I’ve only ever beaten Magnus (with a pretty shaky strat to be honest) and I’d like to see if any other apexes are in my range.
Thanks a lot :grin:

If any of your strats involve a tryostronix, I’d very gladly accept them as he’s my best raid creature :sweat_smile:

There you go. Hadros with Tryos involvement

Thanks a lot! Just need to find an alliance member with a mortem and I’m all set for today

This strat the same with lower level Tryos

Can anyone post a ceramagnus strat please? My alliance only uses 1 and I don’t fit its requirements. I’d like to show them that different possibilities exist :roll_eyes:

Which one do they use?

They use a dio, a maxima, and two bajas (3 creatures who I either don’t have or have at low level :grimacing:)

Thanks a lot, I’ll try them out today and show you the results :grin:

We use this. Most have a tryos or the bird.

MY ALLIANCE ARE SO EXASPERATING!!! They won’t even try different strats, instead focusing on the ones that they can manage easily :rage:

I would greatly appreciate it if any of you could add me as a friend and help me do the raids

In all fairness if they have a strat that is quicker then I wouldn’t deviate either. My group has a couple strats for the oldest Apexes but there are still requirements. Level 16 Tryo or level 18 indo gen 2. Yes they take a bit of luck but we make them work. Trying to keep up with so many strats for the same creature become exhausting so it doesn’t make much sense to not find one most people can do and use it.

Speak with your alliance leader, she should be willing to work with every alliance member to win raids. If not, find another alliance.

I don’t think I’m ready to change alliance yet, as I have friends in the one I’m currently in, and we score very well in the championships, but do you know if there’s a discord server or something for apex raiding?

Can anyone post a refrenantem strat please? And does anyone know if the eagle and snake bosses have strats yet?