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In only 8 attempts


I’ve finally made erlidominus! Got super lucky with fuses, 50 here, 2 40s, and only one 10 in all of the attempts. Still have 8 more shots at erli in the event to level him up too!


Someone didn’t get to drink their coffee this morning :joy:


And that right there is a perfect example of why I rarely post on here anymore. Congrats! I’m able to create it, but trying to get it to team level would be impossible unless I get a new job or move lol! I’m stuck going the tryko route :slightly_smiling_face:


Tryko is perfectly fine too! For me it’s my fourth unique, so he’s automatically team level right away :joy:
I’ll be able to at least get him to level 22 if I get nothing but 10s and Sunday I’m going all out on tryko

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That’s awesome @Thwackum! I wanted to create Erlidominus as well, but I’m going to have a go at Trykosaurus. It was definitely a tough decision between those two.

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Thank goodness you brought the jelly for breakfast this morning :smiley:!

Congratulations on the erlidom, he looks amazing!


When will people finally stop flagging posts because they are easily offended? :roll_eyes:

Congrats on your dino! Still a post in one of the event threads probably would have been an option as well :wink:

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Didn’t even think about posting it in one of those, I’ll do that next time! And I didn’t flag him, honestly thought it was funny someone was that upset about it :joy:


Wasn’t me :slightly_smiling_face:


Not me, either. I had to click to read. Honestly, it was kind of funny😂.


Only had Erlidominus briefly myself. But it’s totally awesome. Gratz. The speed and first hit power.

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Congrats! Can I borrow your luck? I’m still trying to get Allosino to level 20… Had almost entirely 10s so far!


I don’t think people actually flag the posts that get hidden. I find it hard to believe that my more controversial posts get flagged within a minute by the community. I suspect that a filter auto hides stuff and just says people flagged it. It happens too quick too often.


You’re surely lucky I normally get 8-9 10 point fuses lol. I’m riding on 9 10 point fuses in a row currently.


I’m sooo close to unlocking her also! Hopefully after a couple of these golden chicken attempts she will be mine as well! Congrats!!


What level is your erliko? I live in l3 so mine had just been leveled to 20 leading into the event


Sadly my Erlikosaurus is only at level 18, but hopefully, he will be featured again! I’m focusing all my attempts on Anky and T-Rex.

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Calm yo hangrey butt down, he just wants to share his achievements with us. If you ain’t gonna say something nice, then keep it shut and move on, you legit just wasted time being negative towards this post while you could be sharing your own achievements or playing the game, think wisely!


Might be, but this has to be a very…precise filter, that not only filters insults but also unpopular opinions. I guess there are just a bunch of very sensitiv users here. Look at the posts in this thread, seems not like something a filter can easily detect.


I didn’t reply to @Thwackum, I replied to @PnDNS.

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