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In preparation for 1.6


I was wondering if you lovely people could help me out on my team some. I feel like it’ll need some changes to keep up with what’s coming with 1.6.
Before you say anything Ankylocodon stays
As much as it pains me, I think Pyrri might need to be swapped out too. It was my main counter to Utasino and with its changes, I don’t think it will anymore. Especially if the Utasino gets a crit off, followed by IC. :c

I think I’m going to put Dracocera on my team. Maybe Monomet too.



i would add dracoceratops but get ready for it to be nerfed next patch id imagine. your tany will now have a nullify with only one cooldown so thats a plus. the new epic hybrid procera looks pretty cool and could be extremely fast. you might want to look into that one.


I was thinking about the new hybrids. I’ve got plenty of dna to make the new epic hybrids. So they’re heavily considered.

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Dracoceratops is definitely an option. I’d level up Tragod or Spinotah, in that order. Paramoloch honestly should go, and Pyri is definitely a goner considering the recent notes we received. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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also. pyri did get a hp and dmg buff but api + dr delayed idk… its rtc is fixed now aswell.


Immune are a priority lethal swoop is a thing now! As if bleed wasn’t already oop


My para actually wins me a lot of matches. Her and Anky are the only two on my team with good rng.
But, if I can find a good replacement, I might swap her out for something else.


Are you thinking about Tuora in the near future or Dio?


I’m wanting Tuo, I don’t see many Raja sadly.


I mean Ankylosaurus, not Raja.
Working towards Tryko with Anky too.