In regards to the increasing prices when i level


Who in the world thought raising the prices when we level was a good idea? I mean I was actually thinking of buying some cash to get one of the incubators but I notice the 300 in game jump when I leveled to 7. I mean jesus, you were gonna get money from people anyway there was no need to be such a dick about it


It gets even higher :scream: yup at level 10 they are 670 for the blue and 3340 for the orange. This equates to £50 for the two orange special incubators. Crazy!!


The crazy thing is, if they were reasonably priced, and dare i sat it, cheap even, that they would sell 400% more and make more money!

They have turned micro transactions into macro transactions.


The idea of these one-time offers is similar like going to the supermarket and still taking an extra pack of snickers because at that moment you just want it, without planning it in advance. Something you didn’t plan on buying, only at the moment you were there and interested in it. I guess players like to buy 50€ snicker packs lol.

‘4x value, only 55€’ should be an impulse purchase. Instead those who slapped themselves in the face and didn’t purchase it actually did the right thing. Its a common marketing trick. It gives short term satisfaction but because you didn’t get what you want (or exactly did) you (still) want more since leveling up takes loads of DNA and gold… Especially hybrids and legendaries. Its easier with games like JWA since they already have a strong connection with you, which removes impulse purchase barriers. You know you want stronger dinosaurs faster to become #1! You’re already convinced because you play the game actively, you’re involved so you’re already certain to ‘impulse purchase’ something. Making it cheap would actually be a bad thing; everyone would still be buying random one-time offers or incubators of all kinds ‘just because’. The hefty price tag makes you think twice and thats a good thing. Instead we should just play the game and catch them in the wild or event, thats what the game should be about really.

Thats why imo PoGo does it better with incenses and raid passes, for example. It isn’t something smashed into your face with fireworks and golden banners; its just cool to have a nice (non-macro transaction) little expense for fun with friends to catch more virtual ‘pets’. More or less convenience buying vs ‘force’ hefty price tag buying. Vip for example is a convenience; doesn’t cost a lot and the current advantages are still pretty good if you do the math. It isn’t ‘OP’ and won’t make you win in the short term… But in the long run while playing the game it will give you a decent advantage over non-VIPs.

Just looking at the top 200 and fighting in it on a regular basis (currently rank 144 myself) shows you just how many players really are hooked to these ‘macro transactions’ (nice wording btw). The sheer amount of indominus rexes, for example, shows how many players were prepaired to buy a 70€ t-rex incubator; just for one single dinosaur which isn’t even certain you’ll get because of the random battle team. Meanwhile i almost completed mine without buying incubators (but i did buy level-ups; until a certain point). If it were cheap you would see loads more of those dinosaurs and believe me top 200 is filled with them. I guess some players just have nothing else to spend their money on. :goat::dollar::dollar: Sadly remove positive effect doesn’t remove cloak so i need to try a little harder to win lol.


Welcome all to ludia.
It won’t change.


I’m pretty sure they have an exact analysis on spending patterns by the customers. They’re not new in this market. They know how to get the maximum revenue, even if they lose some players.