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In the aviary... really?

I’m close to just retiring.


hmm, this is a serious threat but if you can outspeed it with a chomper or cunning, you should be good to go. I have an indom that has 127 speed and could take it out but a similar stated thor could take a chunk out but not kill it

This player sent out a Thor next with 137 speed and 2500+ attack.


oh, that could be a problem. “a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.”

Use erlidom or indom, maybe even something with a instant charge such as utinarex or something with delibitating distraction. this is def a dropper tho so theres nothing to do

Unfortunately have a Dracorex that’s only level 6 and it’s exclusive rn. Wouldn’t have one for months even if I wanted it. I’m grinding for Magna atm.

It would be understandable if it were only one creature with most boosted focused on it… But two? Yeah, no… that’s a dropper…


I mean you’d be slowed in one hit, or distracted, or it can heal


Not really, for a cunning, just one RS would do 3060 damage with a potential crit chance


Ah, that stinks it used to be the most popular area 2 dino. I can get it to like 22 cuz of that but magna does good againt thor, just not as well but you can gain at least 120 dna a day with 1 draco in a high level sanc meaning you can get it to 20 in 11 days by only spending 93 days on it with only spending 2 food, 2 interaction, 2 play a day meaning you can still focus on epics in the sancs

i only said that cuz the utinarex can stun the thor meaning it would get a distracting rampage off, then an instant charge, then a strike which typically kills it but magna does great too cuz it has stun resist

Thor? I thought this was about Tenrex

oh no he also talked about thor i said a chomper such as thor could take out a lot of damage but not kill it




Saw this same Tenrex a couple of days ago. Was able to outspeed it but its high damage shut down my speedsters. The guy even had the nerve of use the new version of yawn ‘laugh and cry’


I’d just close the game and come back 5mins later, let them have their cheap (well expensive since they probably paid) win.

Nothing wrong with boycotting an unwinnable match, and it will show them exactly what you think of their tactic.

If someone is going to drop arenas (i did) they should do it with dinosaurs reasonable for that arena…if they are doing it to get easy wins against totally outmatched opponents that’s toxic as and imo they don’t actually win the match, its a no contest.


I remember dropping arenas just to take advantage of the Master Incubators… Well, that and to actually reuse all of the creatures that were appropriate for that arena. But this is just being obnoxious and a bully.


Maybe there ought to be some sort of level cap like there is in raids, for when you’re facing lower-level players. Your creatures get capped to the level of their highest level creature.
Or maybe each arena stage itself should have a level cap.

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I ran into this one the other day. They were just above 4600 trophies. I was just over 5000. Their high score was 6500.

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ludia is not interested in it🤷🏼‍♂️

emotes, bad dinos and bugs are more important🤦🏼‍♂️


I’ve played a game like this and it worked well but uniques and apex make it more complicated but yeah this is my favorite solution… like give avairy a lvl cap of 24/25 any Dino over that level gets its stats set to that level.