In the garden of Eden - roam Dinos

Hello all! I am posting for recruitment of our alliance, Inagadadavida. We are a family friendly, growing & active guild, with zero restrictions on time zones.

Already, we have people from across the globe, who find a casual home, and supportive group within the alliance when they come to hunt. We enjoy raids as frequently as possible, and have a high participating rate in tournaments. Whether you are after a particular favorite dino, or looking to gouge the arena for some coin and pvp ranks, you will find support and help abound. Currently setting up an optional discord channel, which will be posted / edited shortly.

We welcome new players, or veterans alike, our only requirement is activeness. More than any, I understand how busy life can become, and it SHOULD take precedence over a game. A 1 week grace period for inactiveness is in place for all alliance members, more if a heads up is given.

If you hold an interest in joining, please don’t hesitate to either private message me here, or search for our alliance in-game, and we will get you in as soon as we are able. Thank you all, and happy hunting!

what tier do you get on tournaments?

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Current tier is 2, due to a family group quitting due to a death amongst them. I hope to push it well past that mark, and every player able participates. Also why we are looking for recruits.