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In the package there is this

I’ve created this thread for anyone who wants to show what they found in the packages and the prize wheel.
Everything you find you have to put HERE.

As I have already said, the prize wheel also applies.

And the lottery too.

Put in the creatures you find.
Look, I’m counting on it.


This was a few days back. Definitely in my Top 5 Prize Drop Moments.

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! Ennesima rara che non volevo|630x500
I could find a rare hybrid, but nothing : (

Uploading: Ennesima rara che non volevo.jpg…
I found this. :sob:

Haha Ennesima rara

There was a Bronto in this SG. Can i see your lineup Tommi?

I’ll send it to you tomorrow ok?

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Wait why was this flagged?

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Emulator, I think because it is not a supported platform


@Cheeseeater @Bathory here it is!

Comment and advise as well.

Uploading: 3° pacchetto epico.jpg…
This is the second Rajasaurus, I believe I will do it at 20.

Another person who has at least 1 level 11 rajasauruses
I have 2 lvl11s


I have been playing for only 2 weeks.



. Tommy begin to add lvl 40 rares. If i cam give you some tips, the best are:
Irritator (400, 153)
Pachycephalosaurus (452, 141)
Nundasuchus (One of the best imao. 632, 162)
Rhamphorhynchus if you have it unlocked (575, 180)
Ophiacodon and Koolasuchus if you want.
By, Theri

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Hey, look what the dinos cost, they’re not free.
I only have 5000 DNA and I keep them for Alangasaurus. :money_mouth_face:

Nunda is the best to max. Max it it is worther than it costs.

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Yesssss :face_with_monocle:

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Uploading: Metriorhychus.jpg…

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