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In today's Epic strike

Stygimoloch attacks with Instant Charge in the first turn.

And this is why I don’t trust the programming in this game… Just saying :upside_down_face:


Happened to me also.

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Huh, instead of Stygimoloch, it was Pachycephalosaurus hit me with the Rampage and Run on the first turn it was brought out.


Love how delayed things are working properly, also happened to me with stigy, and a while ago during a rhino strike(not this weeks), there was a w rhino that came strait out and went for instant invincibility first turn, was unexpected but didn’t really change its fate, death

And the pachy started of with Rampage and run. Also it got a crit on it and still won, wasn’t that hard, while you still need a good creature (I used grypo lvl 21 no boosts) it’s not the hardest.

I had Darwin first and he went for his pinning strike.

I guess it’s randomized

Darwin started against me too. The first move I meant when Stygi got in the field. Probably the same with Pachy… They shouldn’t be able to use R&R or IC as their first move

I bet that’s not one of the 213 bug fixes for 2.7.


Reporting this back to our team! Thanks, DPG members.

lmao it happened to me too, sometimes the AI doesn’t even use an ability at all