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In tough

How can my opponent think anything besides, this is unfair?

My team ranking(it was cutoff) was 13,455 for this fight.

Please fix :frowning:

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Agreed. I think it’s because the game is dying and there aren’t players enough to find good matches. Do you remember if you turned down a bot fight for this one? Maybe both of you turned down bots so the game though it was ok to match you up as you were the only two online.

It’s appreciated that you are looking for an explanations but i regularly lose to teams 3-5k above my team power. In fact prior to this post I engaged a 18k+ battle. Couldn’t kill a single enemy

If i could quit/resign from the battle, it would be less of a problem. Having to go through the motions, with no chance to win, while the opponent puts up laughing emotes is tiresome and not fun!

This particular battle i was 6k up on my opponent.
I posted to show I’m not whining about losing, rather that battles in victory or defeat, are often very unbalanced.

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i agree with you. Not enough players and lots of unfair matches. If there are not enough players, cant be fixed by Ludia. Sad but true. Ludia needs to do something fast and big or game will just fade away. Again, sad.

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Sadly yes,

Unfortunately, the community members are the ones that have invested their time and money into this game. Ludia will simply start another game and staff will follow.

I stopped vip a year ago and other spending. Any other business that loses revenue, would first understand why the loss, then make changes to satisfy customers and reacquire that $$.

This game hasn’t, so that is curious.

I have been ready to add back VIP+, but I need to see the changes that the community has been begging for and sadly, it appears that Ludia doesn’t care :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Just lost a battle to a player 2k team pts higher than me, not a ‘wait or bot’ fight, he beat me in 3 attacks.

Now how is that fair or fun?

That is correct, the team at the bottom lost. No one up top was harmed.

This is how PvP has always been. You didn’t need the strength score to know how lopsided it was to be several levels below your opponent, to not have a broken weapon they had, or to not have a broken character they did.