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In which area(s) do the rare/epic pterosaurs spawn?

Not sure if this has been posted or asked before, but I am working on a map for my city where the different areas are because I need more DNA of specific creatures. But the pterosaurs weren’t mentioned here yet:

Did any of you gather data on where the specific ptero rares/epics spawn or is it random?

I haven’t seen any in a very long time, but maybe Tupandactylus spawns in area L2 (not sure though as it has been long since I last saw one).

thats 1.3 check for the 1.4 update


Okay tnx, found it!

Though no specific pteros in local areas… even worse, I want more Alanqa dna and it cannot be found anywhere. Ahhhh :dizzy_face:

alanqa is arena exclusive. you wont find that in the wild.


Aw what a pity :disappointed_relieved: I guess I’ll just need to be patient then :sweat_smile:

Here is Metahub spawnings after 1.4.23, and there are also pterosauri in the spawn list

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