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In your honest opinion

Is this game worth reinstalling?

if you have to ask then you arent really a fan of this game. imo


The better question is, is it worth coming on this forum if you don’t even play the game anymore


Yes and then delete it again.

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Judging by all the other threads I’m assuming it’s a hard no.

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i mean… if you are the sheep, the herder will tell you what to do.

I’m not just going off what others complain about, I looked at all the stuff they added (news threads) and formed my own conclusion. Besides people on here whine over everything. It’d be unfair to decide that say.

yeah its about time that the mods regulate this forum. to much freedom here and its just like poison anymore.

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At least the missions still run smooth. I look forward to them. Unfortunately/ fortunately were already done. Now wait till Monday


How’d you know I’m sleeping on the streets?

Things are a mess right now but with time the game hopefully will be better balanced and possibly fun again.