In your opinion, what are the top 5 dinosaurs for PvP?

I’m talking about land dinosaurs, not aquatic or cenozoic. Lots of tier lists of this game are outdated, so I want to see the opinion of current players.


thats a joke

I think lvl 40 Legendaries get you into the top prize tier so other than that it doesn’t matter. The match making has a very broad range but in my experience they are always winnable. Rarely do I get a match up that seems impossible but on the other end it isn’t uncommon to get really easy match ups.


What ever creatures you have that get the highest reward with the lowest cool down time.


The matchmaking balances your opponent to the ferocity of the team you’re using. As such, there isn’t a simple rule like having higher ferocity is better. The question becomes more about strategy around the matchmaking and prize tier.

The question is basically, “What dinos give the best fighting advantage and give the best prizes in PvP?” I think the fodder, Good dino, fodder strategy works pretty well here. Use a balanced Dino (strong enough to put you in the top prize tier) in between two throwaway dinos. If you follow a good strategy, the battle is usually pretty easy. The one catch is sometimes the opponent happens to have dinos with advantage against yours. In that case, most of the time it’s still winnable, sometimes it’s just a loss.


As others have said anything that reaches the top teir, preferably glass cannons due to their short cooldown and high attack.

Now if your asking what’s the best for tournament runs, would say dimetrocarnus level 10+, tapejalocephalus level 10+, diplosuchus level 20+, metriaphodon level 10 and segnosuchus level 10, due to these creatures being pretty op for what you face, and their short cooldown aswell, pair these creatures together with 1 fodder makes tournament runs a cake walk for me.


Lvl 40 Legendaries get you prize V and (for me) everything better than lvl 20 diplosuchus gets ELITE prize

I think Aether has nailed it but I would have an amphibian in every lineup if I could. I can’t as I don’t have enough. Reason being at the top end, the most prevalent dino is the meat eater, followed by plant eaters. So have an Amphibian to counter the likely meat eaters, a meat eater for the plant eater and a pterosaur or plant eater to counter the predators of one of the 2 must have dino’s.

When I run out of Amphibians, I tend to run with 2 meat eaters (as i have so many) with a ptero. The ptero is there to counter the threat to the meat eaters, being amphibians. The meat eaters will be on hand to take care of the pteros threat, being the plant eaters.

By 10+ do you mean it can range from 10-40?

Yes, I meant either 10s or between 11 to 20 level range, 21 to 30 range for diplo

In my opinion one of the best pvp dinosaur is the tanycolagrues which is a legendary dino

Lvl 10 indoraptor

Agree with @Sionsith, meaning of low health low ferocity with barely over the elite tier border. Some examples: Suchomimus lvl 40, Shunosaurus lvl 40, Prestosuchus lvl 40, Concavenator lvl 20, Pterodactylus lvl 20 and so on. I would prefer VIPs. You got it I think. :wink:


I never do land PvP but I expect metriacanthosaur to be one of the best due to it’s short cooldown and savage attack


Sorry, i’m thinking in tournaments

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Level 10 would have a day cooldown otherwise I would say best creature, if you’ve got a lot at level 10 even better.

Anyone know the cooldown of a level 1? @Jurassic_Fury

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Level 2 is around 16 hours.

Nice, still would only get used once a day then really

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I’ll bring a new point: The dinos that cost the least resources to obtain. Level caps out at max prize potential. Base-rarities cap out at the hybrids they make. I’d say thee golden Rarity of dinos to have are the Rare and Super Rare Super Hybrids. Simply because they are timed-unlocks after you get the dinos needed to create them. However due to the unlock changes that happened a year or so ago, these might be hard to obtain on top of a longer grind just to get the first copy. After the first dino, it’s a breeze.

Aside from those, I’d say the base-game Legendaries. They can take you pretty far. Beyond that, the Legendary Hybrids. Multi-day long hatch time, but not a week like the Tournament dinos.

The Tourney Hybrids, Indo, and Tourney Dinos are the worst investments because for the first 2 they are late game dinos and the pool of those dinos is still small and carnivore favored. The Tourney Dinos on the other hand are a pain to hatch and so getting them to level 40 is a nightmare of an investment. Indo can come cheap, but you better have the roster to back him up or else you’ll gridlock your game due to impossible matchups.

Vip Dinos are great stat-wise, but are counteracted by their alternate way of obtaining them. Thus they can be harder dinos to obtain, with the easiest route being the 10k LP packs but even then it’s all left up to RNG. I’d say VIP dinos are OK to pick up once in awhile, but should not be the priority unless the player is VIP, where you can get a diverse selection from the Raffles on top of better LP gain.