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Inaccessibility issue after 2.9 How to escalate

Please provide the community with instructions on how Ludia prefers we as players and alliance leaders escalate this issue. Especially, what information is needed from our players (besides the support ID, any device info?). Is opening a support ticket the best option for Ludia support and players?

Secondly, if possible, please also provide some type of regular update as to the status of what is being done. Is the issue currently still being investigated, has a fix been found but is being tested, any information is better than this silence on the topic.

The third piece is the compensation for both alliances and those affected. 100 Cash will not be enough. Many teams are impacted negatively their alliance mission rewards, tournament rewards, and raids (due to lack of raiders) has been affected. Can you please reach out to the decision makers at Ludia to put together a compensation package that includes the Raids DNA, weekly event DNA, Camp Event/Coolers, Boosts (missed from supply drop spins), etc.? Even if the alliances themselves are not compensated via the tournament rewards getting bumped up for all (and you have done this in the past) at least take care of the players that missed out on the resources that would had been gained.


Would you like the list I made of missed items? To share with your alliance?


Please Charlie, feel free to post the list here. I’ve also escalated to others within Ludia. Thank you.


5 days of being locked out of game…

18 attempts at exclusive rares Nasuto, Entelodon and Marsupial Lion.

9 attempts at exclusive epics Bumpy, Titanoboa and Allo2

1 attempt at Legendary Carbotoceratops, Alloraptor and Dilophoboa

15-30 Gorgotrebax dna
15-30 HydraBoa dna
15-30 Haast Maximus dna
15-30 Refrenantem dna
15-30 Ceramagnus dna
15-30 Mortem Rex dna
Approx 48 Scorpious dna
Approx 320 Megalonyx dna
Approx 145 Rex dna

Orange drops x 5
75k coins
200 cash
20 food
20 toys

Green drops x5
37.5k coins
50 cash
10 food
10 toys
30 Speed
30 Health
20 Attack

Daily dna
500 Antarctopelta

Dbi x 5
20 x Speed
20x Health
20x Attack

30x interactions

Battle strikes Wednesday–Sunday

Bumpy emote in store
Medium Therapod scent in store.

Coolbox coins and fips x3
7.5k coins
15 Food
15 Toys
15 Interacts

5 days dna requests in game. Including 1x epic request on Sunday

380 cash from links

820 Tourney entry points
1000 bonus alliance points for 10 kills
8-10k coins tourney reward

Possibly Alliance weekly reward incubators


This affects everybody because of alliances and tournament too.

You are awesome @CharlieBlue. Thank you :hugs:


Great post. The negativity was starting to get really intense. Im now looking forward to getting back into my game. Sometimes a little break is even a good thing. Sensibly telling ludia what we think we are entitled to is a great idea. I just hope they will take note.


I agree, we need to make this constructive, not about hurling insults at staff.

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The list above is a good place to start thanks to Charlie raptor. It is growing longer tho as time passes by. I am alliance officer. I’m still able to keep in touch via discord but there are a couple of loyal members with our problem that only use the jwa message area. I really feel for them as they probably won’t have a clue what’s going on. They might even think they have been booted for not doing the daily requirements and tournament. I wish there was a way to relay the information back to them what’s going on and there place within the Alliance is safe.


lets not forget dinosaure that spawn daily, like I was grinding echo and I couldnt get him, so I ant t get those too