Inaccessible Locations for Spawns


In the area where my boyfriend and I play, there are quite a few private roads with no trespassing signs and other warnings. From GPS, they look like roads, but are actually super long gravel driveways that we do not walk down to respect the owners. Unfortunately, the only epic dinosaurs that spawn in our area are down those driveways! We have both noticed on many occasions concavenator, rajasaurus, t rex, and rares spawn on these streets and never rotate to somewhere we can reach them. Even if we bought the membership for extra range we couldn’t get close enough. I’ve posted a screenshot of the Concavenator we saw. It’s a real shame, because I have 129 out of 150 DNA and I would have been able to unlock him. I just don’t think its safe to try and treck through the woods to avoid people’s private property.


This is probably where the spoofers would say “sucks to be you! Maybe spoof there!” :roll_eyes:


I have this issue too. I live by a swamp where a lot of epics show up but it’s in the middle of a damn swamp!!


I wouldn’t want to cheat though. Eventually they are going to figure out those people who do it and ban them.


I have a similar problem only one area there’s a place called rose hill quarry part of it has a road that leads to a load of pricey looking houses at the end, I’m pretty sure they think I’m staking them out the looks I get ain’t promising especially when i walk up stop for a bit on my phone then turn around and walk back down I would think I was dodgey :joy:


I’ve just been telling everyone I see that I’m playing a game like pokemon go and they understand. I may have even gotten a few of them playing too haha


Ugh. Another rare spawn down that driveway. RNG strikes again!

This screenshot was taken from my account. The first one I posted was taken with my boyfriends account and he sent it to me to use.


Well ofc it’s dinosaurs in a swamp! :joy::joy: