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Inactive Alliance Leader


Hello guys,
We are quite some active Dino hunters in our alliance, but our leader has become inactive for a long period of time now (now change in trophy count and no responses in chat at all).

With the new alliance quests, we want to clean up inactive members to make room for new ones - is there any way to continue with the current alliance (e. G. Ludia support to reassign leadership to some active member), or is it the only way to found a new alliance and take every with me?


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Make a own alliance with the other members


Yep that is the only way. I can confirm that support is unable to change leader or promote a new one within your guild.

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We have the same problem. I guess we have to make a decision soon.


We are having the same problem so a bunch of players from our old alliance are moving to a new alliance. Let me know if you are interested in joining our new alliance… we have a terrific group of players that actively participate in the alliance challenges.


We have a nice alliance going on. We are looking for active players! It’s called HeWasNumber1. You can all join us!!


I made my own alliance because i know that thing will happen if i join someone alliance(inactive leader)


Hey I am active alliance leader. We have some active players but not too much. Previously we achived rank 2 exploration, rank 1 pvp. If soomeone you want to join and help feel free. Alliance name Incubators.


Hi, I don’t have an answer to your leader question but I very much understand your situation. I’ve just become leader of my alliance. The old leader had been minimally active but luckily he popped back online and switched leadership.

I am currently cleaning up our alliance and I have 5 spots I am about to open up. I am happy to hold those if spots if you or others want them. Message me if you’re interested. :slight_smile: