Inappropriate ad on a 'watch now' supply drop spin


There was an ad for a game about running an illicit farm and it included the racist language.

Ads for games about drugs with racist language should not be viewable by children who are playing this game in my opinion.

Not sure where to report this so am posting it here. You need to liaise with your ad partners to tell them this isn’t a suitable game for such ads.


I too saw this ad pop up while my 9 year old was playing. Almost had a heart attack. This is unacceptable.


They don’t care, so long as they get the revenue. Same with support.


Yeah, seeing the ad for “Wiz Khalifa’s Pot Farm” gave me a laugh. It’s like they’re just asking for trouble.


Kids see worse on YouTube and deviantart.


There are lots of things in this world worse then an ad.


When I posted this I thought the game was aimed at children as well as adults. If you’ve seen the ad I’m referring to you’d agree its not suitable for children.

I’ve since been informed by a moderator that the game is supposed to be 16+ (although I’m not sure why).

Anyway, I was posting to let the ludia staff know about it. I told the moderator I was happy for this to be locked once it was passed on to them.


I’m not disagreeing. It’s probably a pretty bad ad. Sorry.


It’s a plant that has amazing healing properties. It’s only a matter of time before it’s legalized. Do you have a problem with the Family Guy ad also?


I’m guessing you didn’t read my post two above yours?

Have you watched the ad?

Do you have children?

I laughed when I saw the ad, doesn’t mean I want my kids watching it.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a debate as to the suitability of the ad, I was just trying to bring it to the attention of ludia.

Turns out the game is 16+ anyway so it’s not the problem I thought it was.


Mods, please lock this thread.


Issue has been resolved