Inbalance city vs country


Dear Ludia,

Could you please reduce the imbalance between the countryside/small towns and the city?

This imbalance is created due to at least two factors:

The amount of spawns on the countryside/small towns.
Since the last update the percentage of rare and epic spawns seems to have increased. So has the number of supply drops. However, somehow the the total amount of spawns seems to have decreased drastically on the countryside/small towns, making it is harder than ever to farm epics.
I spend last week in Rotterdam and have confirmed that this in not the case in city; farming on average 5 epics a day.
I am not sure whether this is due to the difference in total spawn amount (it seemed like it though) or due to other reasons.

The parks.
For me the 3 nearest park-spawns are 8 km away with a 2 km distance in between.
Again, last week I was in Rotterdam and was able to find at least 30 park spawns within a very short distance from each other.
3 park spawns means I can farm the 3 epics a day, however, for me to be able to farm enough rare or all the common park-spawns is impossible. I would have to cheat (spoof) to farm 24 commons in a day.
btw. the same goes for the treasure chests.

The cheaters are being dealt with because they make it impossible for honest players to compete with each other (and thereby have a fun gaming experience). It would be very nice if this imbalance could be fixed also, since it creates the same kind of imbalance and hinders a fun gaming experience for a lot of players.

Suggested solutions:
-the first solution is very simple. Please end the event!
After 9 weeks I am tired of seeing the same three supply drops over and over again.

-second solution: create more different terrains where you can find different dinosaurs. for example forest, fields, water, hilly terrain, city etc.
In this way everyone has their own advantage and disadvantage and not only the city dwellers.

I havent got a good solution for the spawn-difference between the city and the countryside. However, as I am sure there are many more solutions to this problem, I’d love to hear others on this subject!


As a country girl, I can’t agree more to this. We live an hour from the closest park, making those park specials nearly impossible for us. We get the same 3 dinosaurs in our area daily, and it makes game play not as much fun as when we take trips to the town or city.


What is really funny to me is what constitutes as a park!

Lots of grassland that isn’t a park (particularly in garden cities for those who live in the UK) is considered a park in this game, yet Ely Cathedral that sits on a huge section of grass does not show as grass and isn’t classed as a park lol.

But the real kicker, is where you have a dinosaur park like Roar adventure near Norwich and it isn’t considered a park lol. I was expecting lots of Epics there and was so disappointed lol.

Btw I also live in the middle of nowhere and finding Epics here is next to impossible. Luckily for me I work in a busy location and have a lot of travelling that allows me to get my dinos.


We live in the middle of nowhere and work an hour away from home. I play my game and my hubby’s on the way to town and back every day. Some nights we drive around in the dark getting dinos on back roads. Redneck date night. :slight_smile:

But yeah, I would LOVE to have more dinos out in the country.


Can confirm. The closest park i know is 40 minutes (by car). Aaaand it’s actually a PARK… -ing lot.


Just thought it would be funny to share that they removed a lot of green supply drops at parks around my area, but added a new one in front of olive garden. Trying to get me to eat healthy huh? :joy:


I went for a drive through Norfolk (here in the UK) over the weekend and I was shocked by the sheer number of supply drops along random empty roads through fields but nothing in the villages that we passed through.

The idea of terrain/environment based spawns is something I kept suggesting when I played PoGo and I really think it would make a huge difference to games like this. Having to go out to certain environments helps get players out and about which is the point of the game.


I agree that there is an inbalance that should be resolved. But honestly I don’t like your suggested solutions.
Here is what I would suggest:

Make every green place between villages a park. Forrests, vinyards, acres etc.

Why I don’t like your second solution:
as of now there are global spawns, park spawns, 4 different location spawns and nests.
I am living in a village (L4) and most villages and towns around are L1 and L3 locations. Almost any camping ground around counts as park and there is some place nearby, that also counts as a park. There is only one L2 location nearby (that I know of) and it is rather near by direct line. However there is a river in between and so I have to drive many kilometers around for a brigde or I have to pay for a ferry and still drive a few kilometers.
Now imagine even more different areas and locations for different dinosaurs. And there are players with less favorable situations than us. There are countries, where certain terrains just don’t exist!


We’re not saying that you can only get them in that environment, just that you have a greater chance of getting them.


They Also removed a few park spots from me :confused: kinda sucks to have 2 in The City now


Ughhh the park supply drops annoys me I live in the middle of nowhere how am I gonna go to the park 48 times by tomorrow :rofl:


Hmm, I already drive from the city to the middle of “nowhere” to grab all the epics and rares that seem to spawn out there. More than I see in the city. Maybe I’m doing this wrong…


Wait a minute… all dinosaur talk aside…Olive Garden counts as healthy eating??


@T-Wrecked Haha when you live in America yes. Olive garden is the “healthier” alternative :joy: I took the liberty to list what we got going on in Amurica.


Commons respawn every hour. Maybe even less.
But I suppose that you’ve got more difficulties with supply drops than me for example. I’ve been to Scotland two times now. Loooooots of beautiful landscape :smiley: But regarding this game it would be a nightmare I imagine :sweat_smile:


I can’t go to the park every hour nor can I stand there in the rain for an hour :joy::joy::joy::sob:


We desperately need rain in California. Can you donate some of your rain? I’ll still stand in it to catch dinosaurs so I’m fine with it.


You can have it all


Let’s trade!


I’d like to get some as well