Incase Anyone is Wondering How Much Money JW:A Made Ludia


25 MILLION DOLLARS in 4 months. More than I will see in a lifetime. Pretty funny that the most obese section of the world spent the most money. The point is to get exercise lmao!!


Quite frankly disgusting, considering how much is wrong with the game… clearly shows ludia are interested in one thing and one thing alone…

And let me tell you a little secret, it’s not me or you!!


It’s not that they’re not interested in us, it’s that the game is built on a MASSIVE Pay to Win model and it shows. It’s going to hurt them in the long run. Knowing what I know now, I am not spending large amounts of money when the flying update drops. Nope. Not worth it.


It’s a fun game, and people are allowed to make money. :smiley:


it’s a company. they have employees, salaries, benefits, operating costs, license fees, overhead, etc. not like one person just cashed a $25M check.

how dare the people that made this game for you to play (for free in most cases) get paid for the work they did… :expressionless:


25million in 4 months… when the game is littered with bugs… have a word with yourself


i did. the word i chose was chair. didn’t accomplish much.

there really are very few bugs. you cleanse your shield sometimes. impact and run/counter attack. that’s about it. RNG is still terrible, but it’s ultimately ludia’s decision to have it in the game or not.


i.e., littered.

the math checks out.


It WAS a fun game before they forced all the players into this abysmal tournament!

At least in JWTG events and tournaments are voluntary!

I was happy battling for incubators and had gotten over my trophy lust! I was satisfied win a few lose a few collecting incubators and building my team!

Now I absolutely hate the game and can’t get away from it! It’s like being stuck in a bad marriage that the only way out is the spouse has to die of natural causes and you are left with nothing but are happy!


This is probably the only game giving them any major revenue now, considering they killed Jurassic Park Builder and Jurassic World The Game like idiots.


There are more bugs than just those. Some nights i have to restart the app every other match because i keep getting stuck in that dreaded countdown to connect to my opponent. And sometimes i come back to find one of my dinos being pummeled. I have a lot of stuff caught on video but rarely bother uploading it because it’s not worth the hassle since the real issues aren’t getting fixed. I can put up with minor bugs but it’s pretty annoying when it’s something that costs me a match that i otherwise would’ve won.


I agree there, I gave up after i lost 10 straight… dropped down from just over 3600 to 3300… am back up to almost 3500 but i stopped cuz i really dont wanna lose anymore trophys…


Looks like Ludia could afford to fix these glitches and hire some REAL programmers.

Anyway, this will probably be the last month of VIP and then it will be too cold to go out so I’ll stop playing. I’ll be burn out by then like I got with pokemon.


Well I know they got some of mine… what I used to send to Niantic. Not a huge amount, but some of my entertainment budget. I love this game, it makes my favorite exercise (biking) more fun and is much more playable in my rural area than the competition.

I think it’s great that it’s FTP and no one has to spend any money. But companies need revenue and some of us have to pay so they can stay in business.


Hubby and I are fine with paying for “one time offer” incubators. We don’t drink/smoke/vape etc so it’s our only vice really. We understand it’s a business and there to make money, like every other business. Though honestly most of the useful DNA we get is from grinding. The only real advantage to those one time offers is the coin amounts and dino bucks that come with them.


SOOOOO much complaining… You can play for free, they arent robbing you at gun point. They offer a product you can choose to spend money on, if you dont want to contribute to their profit margins… Dont. The idea people put forth that a game should be designed to be completely free is moronic, do you have a job? Do you get paid? Does your company expect to make profits? If youre so bothered please feel free to start the socialist gaming company of your dreams.


It’s still fun to collect dna, and when the arena is awful, I just wait a few hours and try again. I’ve yet to go without having incubators running. I never expect to win anything (hovering at 3700 right now), so I don’t mind losing battles. I’ll just live in the Sorna Marshes for the foreseeable future. :smiley:


Do you think Ludia cares about the “long run”? Once revenue drops, they’ll be busy developing a new game to sucker us into it. Damn…I guess I am a sucker.