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Incease level 30 dino cap to 35/40 next update

Dear ludia. As per topic above (But not now), maybe next coming update. As there are so many high rank dinos now. have a feeling it will reach plateu stage to all of us anytime soon

I think its a bit too soon in the games lifecycle to up the cap. The Pay to Win players will then be even further ahead and unbeatable by anyone but each other!

Adding many more dinosaurs to the game (such as aquatic based ones like the Mosasaur - though I’m not sure how they would work it, perhaps a battle arena near a beach?) so that it shakes up the Meta a fair bit, then there will be new ones to power up!.

Edit: Or they could add ice age creatures, such as Wooly Mammoths or Sabertooths and what not!


Maybe they will in JWA 4.x but right now they need to focus on bugs and work on something to keep the two sides of the game interesting… both sides being DNA collection and battling.

Winter is coming and at least in the farther northern hemisphere, the amount of playing is going to decrease. I got rid of the VIP for winter and will see if they fix some of the bugs and decide if I want to pick VIP back up in the spring. I’ll most likely quit playing all together for the frozen portion of winter to play inside console games and when the weather warms and I get spring fever may remember this game and see if it works better.

I burnt myself out in Pokemon from overplaying and quit completely. This one I’m purposely slowing as not to get to that burnt out point. I’m F2P casually playing now.

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Don’t need higher dinos!


My opinion is not to raise the level cap.So in 1-2 months from now in tournament 4 perhaps will have real competition .There will be 20-30 with 28-30 lvl Dinos and the rest of us will have 26lvl dinos,and then there will be good and fair match-ups.

They will do it, fur sure, and also they will increase the player level, but now it is too early.
I am lev 13 and my highest dino is a stegodeo lev 21, with my team average being 18. My husband is lev 8 and I think his highest dino is 14 :sweat_smile:
I think it is just too early.