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Incentivize friendly battles

I don’t know about others, but friendly battles seem pretty pointless because they aren’t played. My alliance doesn’t do them, others outside of my alliance don’t do them. But they’re part of the alliance missions for incubators so they get started, and are then ignored while the battle plays itself out.

I would suggest actually incentivizing them rather than get rid of them. The winner of the battle could receive coins, like 1,000 coins or something and the loser gets 100. If a player has played a friendly battle or two every day, then at the end of the week, when the week’s showcase ends, the player can select a showcase dinosaur for DNA, like 1,500 for one of the commons, 1,000 for one of the rarest, or 500 for one of the epics.

I think friendly battles have a place in the meta, so I’d rather not see them disappear. But playing a friendly battle against someone who just does it for alliance rewards usually means playing someone who just wants it over, so they play to lose or just do something else while the battle plays itself out. If anyone plays at all. Friendly battles are a good way to play test a team against someone you can talk with or see their team in advance because you’re a friend. But if people don’t actually participate in the battle or play to lose so they can collect the mission point and move on quickly, friendly battles have no purpose.

So please, either incentivize them or get rid of them.


It looks like we will have friendly battle tourneys pretty often. Just wait for those.

The tournaments aren’t friendly battles. They’re arena battles with a leveled playing field. You matched with an unknown someone whose team you cannot see in advance, who you cannot chat with. With friendly battles, you request a match from an in-game friend. Tournament battles aren’t part of alliance missions, either.

So, no, the leveled tourneys aren’t friendly battles. Ludia should either make actually playing friendly battles worthwhile for people or they should get rid of them altogether.

I battle with my wife while watching TV.
After watching Chicago Fire, Med, and PD alliance missions are pretty much done.
Discord may be another way to do this.
Have 2 people with nothing better to do knock them out.
But yeah. They were a fun novelty at first, now it’s a chore that has to be done.


Ok. Well that level of friendliness is your payment. I’m not against this idea but why would Ludia want to subsidize server use that lessens arena activity? You say it needs to be rewarded, I disagree.

Neither me, Ludia, or anyone else cares if you do friendly battles. Do them or don’t, no reason for incentives. If you stop today and never do another no one cares.

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Incentivized OR gotten rid of. Just stop the torture. I would prefer incentives, but it’s a statement of my preference, not a command to the developers nor a demand to change things my way or I’m taking my toys and going home.

It’s a suggestion in a suggestion forum. A place Ludia specifically created to solicit suggestions for game content. Whatever has your shorts in a twist over a suggestion in a suggestion forum specifically created to solicit suggestions is not my problem.

If you have something constructive to add, even just an I like the system the way it is, by all means, add it. I have no idea if my suggestion is ultimately a good one in terms of balancing the game for a good experience for other players. Stating “no one cares” implicitly and explicitly? How is that supposed to improve anything for anyone? Ever? It’s just all edge and no point.

What torture are you talking about? Seriously just find a friend to battle you. This is the weirdest complaint I’ve ever heard on this forum

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I do ask. The requests either time out or, when accepted, it’s clear the other person isn’t playing to win, if they’re playing at all. No one will friendly battle.

I made a suggestion. In a suggestion forum. Created specifically to solicit suggestions. Are you suggesting that suggestions should not be presented if they address unsatisfactory game experiences?

Nobody is trying to silence you. So calm down with that garbage.

If you can’t get a friendly battle, make more friends. If you want them to take the battle seriously, well… that’s trickier. Use alliance chat to tell them that you want a SERIOUS friendly challenge, No Mercy.

There are chat apps and ways to communicate with players to ensure that you get a challenge.

There’s some suggestions. Friendly Battles aren’t going anywhere btw. Even suggesting that they be removed is foolishness.

Friend battles are for testing new dinos. You don’t need to be rewarded for them. That’s just silly.


I’ve always hated them so I would prefer they be excised.

1000 coins and I would friendly battle with myself all night. If it was something the same as hitting a drop, make it like 22 darts and 100 coins, I don’t think that would be enough to make it much worth abusing but enough for those who don’t have but 2 to 4 drops in range to be able to refill some darts for scents and a few coins for the trouble.

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As a new level 10, I find the friendly challenges useful. They are a way to try out strategies against another new player (my wife). We both talk about what we’re doing while we fight.

If you don’t like them don’t worry about them. They aren’t hurting your enjoyment of the game.

Some people like to play against their friends.
Some Alliances run friendly tournaments among their members.

You may have no interest in friendly battle but others will.

I’m not trying to silence you or be edgy. I meant the part about no one caring because it’s general but it’s generally true. As I said I’m not totally against this if they do it but I am against the idea it’s due to us for a free feature made for us that’s not supposed to be a game related achievement. Forget all that though I’ll stop commenting in this thread because


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I enjoy the friendly battles and most do fight me for real. But I think a minor gift for winning, even if it’s just 10-50 coins, would be nice :smiley: why not? It’s not that much. You can get more from spinning drops or battling arena.