Incentivize the use of NON-META dinos

If I have to fight another team of -

Erlidom, Tryko, Magna, Utarinex, Dilo, Draco, Thor, and one wildcard slot I’m going to stomp my phone to dust.

I am occasionally matched with ONE interesting opponent, though now that I know their team it’s also pretty boring. That being said it’s nice that they only run one or two of the usual suspects.

Yeah yeah, they’re the best dinos, blah blah blah… but come on. You can’t tell me it’s even remotely fun anymore.

The only reason I battle so much is that I can get a lot of coin that way. Incubators are actually just a side benefit of battling as much as I do. I can easily get 12K + coins in a day - depending on how busy it is at work. lol… but seriously.

Can’t anything be done?



But everyone knew this 10 months ago.

Problem is mostly the arena-exclusive dna, this holds back players to evolve good dinos.

Or the fact dinos are not equaly good , why DC and not others?

Sum up: They don’t care.

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I’m only using three of the meta dinosaurs the OP mentioned (Thor, Tryko, and Utarinex). I replaced Erlidom and Dilorach with good old Stegod and Tragod, since DracoceRAT-OPs can no longer pierce armor or break shields. With some boosts in them these tanks can still hold their own. In fact that team change got me back to Aviary after being stuck in Lockwood due to horrible 1.7 matchmaking.

I posted a video of Tragod doing her thing after I was ratted in two different battles today. It’s in the Gameplay Videos thread: [Gameplay] Gameplay Videos - #324 by Dinobai18

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That’s actually a really nice team composition for countering rat. Hard hitters, chompers, shields and armour!
Oh and some immune to stun like Tryo.

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It’s been working beautifully for that! :heart_eyes: I no longer have dinos that can be one-shotted at full health by the rat, and I got rid of all evasion and cloaking RNG since I no longer run Erlidom or Indoraptor.

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