Inching up there


Finally hit Jurassic Ruins!

I bet I’m being knocked down tomorrow as I go to refill more incubators but it’s nice having the visuals unlocked, if nothing else.

One thing I find funny, though, is every time I hit a higher arena for the first time, it ALWAYS lines up in the pattern for a 15m incubator, lol. Just my luck, eh?

Anyway, because I am horribly restricted by the reality of “better” DNA simply being unattainable in any realistic time frame, looks like I’m stuck overleveling my Stegoceratops and Stegodeus. Velociraptors for Indominus Rex aren’t playing nice when I TRY to hope to get any at all with my free daily capsules at night (I should be sleeping right now, I literally have vertigo, I am so exhausted).

Hopefully next week is a decent selection of event spawns so I can round out my team instead of winning only when I have my two highest dinos on my team each battle.


Congrats on making Jurassic Ruins! :+1: I made it up there when my incubators were all filled. Very uncharacteristic of me since I hate battling and only do it to get incubators but it was the last day of the tournament and I thought screw it, let’s just see if I finally escape the Marshes :rofl:


Congrats - I’ve been bouncing between 3950 and 4250 for a couple of weeks now. I need Monolophosaurus to finally create Monomimus so you have that advantage over me. My I-Rex is also L19 but is on 200/250 so hoping to start work on Indoraptor soon - probably not for this tournament though. Have just swapped my L19 Tragodistis for my L19 Son of Alan.


Ugh, needing 30-some odd THOUSAND V-raptor DNA for level 20, plus finishing minimum I-Rex has me around 40k that I absolutely dread to grind. If they keep them only events and nighttime, I might wait til February at this rate, lol.