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Incident: Edge Supply Run

Heya, I’m trying to beat the gauntlet challenge called “Incident: Edge Supply Run”, I am on last match but I am getting my ass beaten no matter how many times do I try. I never had a trouble getting trough the previous matches. I have grade 6-7 dragons, and enemies are 4, however, I cannot really beat the 2 silver minibosses and one big golden boss with 2 attacks in one turn O.o Any idea? Tactic? I am getting hopeless, hah… I mean… I am twice their level… umm, should I focus on the big one? Or kill the other ones first? Either way, I lose before I even get rid of the two silvers, and if I focus the big one, I’ll die even faster. What’s your tactic? Hit me up with ideas, thanks ^^

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Try using the power ups

I burned through 3 each of the boosters… the nasty red boss isn’t quite a OHKO, but he’s close. Basically, I had to heal after every one of his attacks, and between that, spam five-energy attacks.

I won with Champion Windgnasher, Dagur’s Skrill and Hotburple… it’s not really a great team for the second wave, but it was best for the first… if you can get past the first wave still in good health, you might try a swift dragon instead of the second defender. Dagur’s Skrill, especially if you can have his attack buff active, does pretty decent damage to all three opponents, and stealing their energy will really help, and Champion Windgnasher’s ability to put everyone to sleep can also help out a lot.

I managed to kill him, with one red class dragon, one purple, and a green one (heal+shield), fully focused the golden boss, I used just 1st attacks, and saved energy to use heal every turn. It worked out, even tho it was quite a close.

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Twice the level doesn’t necessarily reflect as much as you might think, I almost always fight against 2 Dragons 2-5 levels higher than me with 1 at my highest rank or below. (Just an FYI) What 3 dragons are you using right now? I almost always use three different combinations of my Dragons and usually only way I lose is if I end up getting the right match-up to counter me.
1st set: Lvl.20 Storm Cloud, Lvl. 16 Dagur’s Skrill, and Lvl. 18 Cloud Jumper.
2nd Set: Lvl.20 Storm Cloud, Lvl. 17 Skrill, Lvl.18 Cloud Jumper.
3rd Lvl. 20 Storm, Lvl. 17 Boneknapper Lvl. 17 Lump.

  • I beat it using the 2nd Set.
    ( Purple,Blue,Blue)
    I don’t know what Dragons you have but I would consider using A variation of Blue’s for speed( more turns, Faster Attack Bonus,etc.)
    How I almost always fight is by attacking 1 Dragon at a time,I choose based on total damage the beat Dragon can do, I never use bonus pts. in the beginning until I need to heal or if I will be able to get an extra shot or two.
    The way I beat it was by making it to 2nd round and attacking the Monstrosity in the middle. If it gets all 5 bars… Bye,Bye… Colors 1st, Abilities 2nd,Always have a healer in the mix…

I feel your sadness

Nope cuz I had about 764 Runes and I was on the last level so I wasted it and I still lost and now I have seven Runes:(

Hehe, I have Toothless on lvl 7, (blue) Deadly Nadder lvl 7, and (blue) Rumblehorn, for healing -> but for pvp I use Tooth + Nadder + Monstrous nightmare (lv 8), it gives way too much dmg for my enemies.
But yeah, the gauntlet -> just kill the boss first, use just 1st attacks, and you can heal all 3 dragons every turn with the healer dragon ^^ So yeah, good luck if you still try to.

I would suggest trying Tooth, Monstrous, and something else( I think Rumblehorn is one of the worst dragons to use) The reason I would switch out the Blue deadly Nadder is because Toothless already speeds up when using his best shot. Just food for thought…