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Include fresh epics in arena incubator

currently battle incubators provide alanq, stygi, pyroraptor, mono, and pachy…

except pachy, most of them are now useless…while what we all need are relatively new names such as smilodon, grypo, carbo, maia, and etc…

please replace the outdated epics with these good epics

currently i have 30k alanq, pyroraptor, and 10k mono…don’t give me these again please…


Put Carbo in incubators in general. I know why it’s not there, to get people to spend money on eventual carbo incubators and scents for the hybrid pursuit, but it makes no sense besides for it to not be there.

Maia would be great. Its not in any incubators and i don’t think it’s been an event dino either. Poor thing has been locked up in bad spawns since its introduction.



We need more events too with all the new creatures. A Cenozoic event would be much appreciated (could even add Grypo to it as it’s a mesozoic croc)