Inconsistent Fearless Alert Attacks

The Fearless Alert attack on the Coelhaast and the new Argenteryx appear inconsistent, although it appears the attack is intended to be the same. The threatened threshold for the Coelhaast appears to be 33.4%, while for the Argenteryx it appears to be 66.7%. I would prefer the threatened threshold to be 66.7%, but minimally wondered if it shouldn’t be consistent considering it’s labeled the same. Thanks!

Great question and good job noticing! @Ned take a look and pass on to the team please!

It’s the same with Alert the Flock on Compy and Compy G2. Same name, different thresholds.

Yup, it’s unnecessary complexity and very annoying.

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Hey there, Perry1695. I believe the threshold for Secure/Threatened state is on a per-creature basis so it is possible for it to shift between different creatures.

I didn’t realize that, but noticed the Compy’s after the post. Seems like they should work the same if titled the same to make it easier to memorize the moves so you can effectively plan and be more strategic in PVP, but if it’s right it’s right!