Inconsistent fighting

In recent days, the fighting stopped when no one won.
Then a few minutes later the game tells us we lost.
It also happens to me regularly to see the fight finish to announce me that I lost while I am in fight.

Frankly, it’s boring, this inability you have to make this game stable… I’m still trying to be polite here, but I can assure you that the devs get lots of insults while I play.

I had an even more weird experience. I won a battle a few hours ago. The trophy became 5040 and I had one 24 hr and three 8 hr incubators. I opened the incubator page of the game a few hours later, I found that there was an empty incubator slot and the trophy became 5010. I didn’t battle during those few hours and both the trophy and the incubator were gone as if I did not win that battle. I then battled again but got 4 losses before I could win once and got a 3 hr incubator. Now I am in Aviary.

Yes, I have also won a fight, and then received a few minutes later the announcement that I had lost the fight.
What a waste of time…

I was told that I won and really got the incubator and trophy, but later they disappeared.

My match stopped mid game to give me a pink room, then take me out of the match entirely. Not even restarting could get me back into that match. I do not know of the outcome but was told it timed out.

I also had this a few times before. Sometimes when I reloaded the game, it took me back to the battle ground and of course I lost a dino. Sometimes I entered the map after reloading, no battle at all.

I was in the middle of an interesting Nodopatotitan vs Indominus Rex fight, I wish I could have seen the outcome. I had several critters ready to swap too. Oh well.

Hey BouletTime, if you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team at with your support key and device information so our team can take a closer look?

There are also some troubleshooting steps here you could try in the meantime that might help as well: Lost a battle I was winning

Sure, I will. Thank you Ned.