Incorrect Arrows


I hate it when the arrow is on my side showing that I get to strike next and ends up being struck at first. Can’t Ludia fix it?


Are you seeing this when you are using the same creature at the same level?


Nope. Different dinos.


had that when it said all of my dinos were faster after one had fainted, of course i chose my Trex thinking something had happened and their speed had been reduced… but no, wiped out next turn aswell lol


Some moves let the opponent go first regardless - instant shield and charge I think - may be others


New one. Just happened. I stun my opponent. One can see stars whirling their head. So I get to strike again, right? NO… my opponent struck next after getting stunned.


This happened when stegoceratops vs monostegotops. If they both use slowing impact it shows the arrows on the stegoceratops but the monostegotops is faster :woman_shrugging:t2:


This happened to me as well. And not just one time. First turn, 2 exactly the same dinos (same lvl) and attack. Arrows on my side. “Yes, finally I’ll go first!”. NOPE sir, you don’t. Bang from the opponents dino…


I have encountered both of these issues and following is my understanding:

  • Wrong Speed Indicators: I have mainly seen this where the opponent used some speed increasing move/our dino had a previous speed reduction move. eg: My Velociraptor vs Erliko. If the opponent Erloko/Stego used a speed up/superiority strike, then the speed comparison is shown based on base/unaffected status but when the dino comes in, the opponent is actually faster.
    Don’t think it is a bug that opponent goes first, but system showing incorrect indicator and not considering the impact effect.


If you have the same Dino with the same level whoever hits the button first goes first


But there’s no arrows in that case. Just ? mark, as I remember.


No. The arrow is there.


I’ve experienced to types of speed conflictions. The first one is where there is a question mark on both sides. My understanding of that one is that it is RNG regardless of who hits the button first?

The second is where they both have arrows and i’ve found that is based on who hits the buttons first, which sometimes oneside has an advantage if they know their dino is the same before they bring it out.

Are my understandings right? If so, why is there a difference? What situation will have question marks and what have arrows?


Yes this bug needs to be fixed asap, I can’t count armor %, cooldowns for both me and my opponent attacks… than also all the speed buff / debuff :rage: I could have chosen anoher button if I knew to have speed priority, so for example with my Einasuco, my big attack instead of the adrenaline pulse in order to survive another round, waiting for speed to be reset in my favour.


It also happens to me. I don’t trust the arrows. It happens when the opponent has a speed debuff, but the effect is about to end, and the next dino choosing time still doesn’t count as the next turn, as there has been no actions so far. So when your dino appears it isn’t faster than the opponent (of course in case the opponent is naturally faster). So I don’t think it is incorrect, we just have to be aware of the debuffs duration. Same with stuns. If you stun the opponent with a speed debuff, and it ends in that turn, it will hit first the next turn.


Even the arrows at the bottom on the dinos are wrong now. Scenario: One of my dinos got whacked in a battle. The list of dinos I need to select pops up at the bottom. I chose one which had an arrow on it indicating it will be the faster one. Out it comes and I got whacked first. What a bummer.


I just keep track of speed debuffs and memorise the speeds of meta relevant Dino’s and try to launch my attacks as soon as button appears. Don’t trust the speed indicator it will lose you battles way too much. Example of this that happens every time my monosteg Vs stegocero I slow first turn, stegcero then also slows. My monosteg has higher speed to begin with so it’s still faster! but without fail the indicator will say mono is slower even though when I press ability mono goes first