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Incorrect fuse costs: Andrewtherium

It looks like it costs 50 Andrew and 200 Deinotherium per fuse on Andrewtherium, even though both are rares. @Ned

EDIT: Also, shouldn’t the unlock cost be 100 for an epic?


Hey Somedinoguy, this is being looked into :mag: .

100 DNA unlock is for Rare creatures :smiley: .

You’re right, sorry. I was looking at a couple level 11 epics I had and they it’s 100 at level 11 but they aren’t hybrids. My mistake!

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No worries! The 100 DNA cost should be the initial level up cost after you had unlocked the creature.

I fused a few times then noticed I lost 200 DNA Deinotherium for every once fuse, please fix that issue.

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