Incorrect raptor paddock pack prizes. Bug needs reporting

I was playing $50 packs in the raptor paddock to get some toxin mods. I hit 2 legendary packs and instead of getting 4 legendary mods, i got commons, rare, super rares. 1st time i did not notice until after i opened the pack. But the 2nd time i took some pics. Not sure where to report this bug.

Sorry but that’s not a Legendary Mod Pack, it’s a Rarity Jackpot pack which I believe has odds for all rarities and the last one for a guaranteed Legendary.

There are two different winnable Mod packs from Legendary wheel.


yup as @Jurassic_Fury pointed out there are two packs that are winnable on the legendary wheel, one pack that gives all legendries and one pack that gives a mixture of rarities.


I assume there is nothing Lydia will do about it? I just checked, they did change it. That’s lame.

Game just glitched out and wiped out all my progress in prize drop. I was just short of gold tier. Normally I quickly drop connection and it will auto correct. I was not thinking and I passed on buying the silver pack and it zeroed me out.

I will try to report this one, but last time I tried internal support, it was crashed locked up wont let me enter on both my iphone and iPad.

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As for the Rarity Jackpot, I still believe that it isn’t a glitch or a bug. Ludia made it that way itself… As for the Prize Drop, contacting support should be the best option for now. I hope you get that progress back.

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I have heard of folks purchasing the level they wanted or should have reached had the prize drop not reset on the weekly reset and then support reimbursing them the DB. Screen shot everything if you can to help support your argument. I have never done this but have heard of others that have.