Incorrect Tournament format

Wasn’t this weekend supposed to be rare/common all? Instead, it’s restricted to non-hybrids only…

Beat me too it. Yet another error in the tournament format.

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I want to say unbelievable but sadly it is totally believable. I hope they take notice and fix it!


You would think they would be more carfeul right after a mistake with a tourney format, but nope… Two weeks later, another one. It’s amazing.


Ridiculous …

Come on Ludia fix this stuff. We level up and prepare for tourneys and you change it at last minute.

I don’t understand how they can be this bad at this. I mean, it isn’t that hard is it? Kinda like not putting pickles on my Big Mac when I order no pickles?



Come on guys. :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Seriously guys the number of screw up we are witnessing is alarming.
Either you don’t care at all about your players or you have some serious holes in your quality controls. Don’t know I’m even saying this cause it’s obvious there aren’t any.

Please address this asap. People have been investing ressources (coins and boosts) that they would have allocated elsewhere otherwise.
If it isn’t I strongly recommend anyone in that position to open a refund request for what they have invested misleaded by Ludia atrocious comm once again.

Hey all, the tournament issue has been sent to the team. They are currently working on it! Thanks for letting us know.

There is an entire team doing this? Oh boy!!


Thankfully rewards are global rares. But itll be hard getting those kills if your overleveled rares are hybrids

Update! The tournament issue has been fixed. Reboot the game for the fix! :t_rex:


I just restarted and am facing hyrbids…

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that’s how it’s supposed to be