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Increase 75% stun to 85% please


Should go a long way toward reducing rng patterns we see, hopefully.

Plus, failing to land a stun (25% chance) is far more devastating than getting crit (5% chance) generally speaking.

Feel free to adjust dmg modifiers as necessary to keep balance, but please make this a bit more strat based and a bit less of a gamble.


I failed two stuns in two games and both were lost. Is it pure coincidence? They were in a streak, where I reached my max trophies and it just felt like it’s time to bounce back.


If I ever get motivated enough I will record a few hours of games. There is a very discernable pattern when it comes to landing these stuns (and maybe other things, too). Ive begun actually planning on stuns to fail, so I can ride the rng. I literally change my plays once the rng swings to stop stunning and its working for me.

That said, I dont think there is any correlation to wins/losses/trophies that I can see. I cant tell if its number of games or time interval (seems to be number of games, maybe within a time interval) but something is definitely off. Really hoping we get an update on it come 1.6.

That said, though not entirely related, I reiterate my suggestion - please up stun chance to 85% and adjust dmg modifiers as necessary to maintain balance.


I would rather stun rates drop. Stun spam ruined the Arena for a while and it’s frustrating to play against as it is. Increasing it would just be a bad idea.


Increase it, or remove it, but keeping it and lowering it is silly.

Besides, there is a difference between spam and dependability. Quality over quantity.


Make instant charge 100% like before too while ur at it lol


No one is asking for hyperbole.

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The thing that makes me hate so much the RNG in this game, Is the fact that you can’t really play around It (other than expecting the crit/stun/dodge to fail, which is no big deal) because there are not that much choices to go for (for example: you will always go for dsi on T1 with thor, because on t2 you have ic and dsr, this is different on some dino obv), in other games like Hearthstone (that has so much rng in It, if you played It you already know) you have more choice on what to do, you can have a greedy playstile, you can be more aggressive and so on.

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Except it wasnt a hyperbole. I was being serious. Inatant charge used to be 100%. I want it back lol


My apologies, hard to interpret with text :frowning:


Also, another thing that i hate is the fact that the RNG in this game is so unfair: you won the coinflip? Good, you get the dodge and the opponent is pissed off, you lose the coinflip? Bad, you get hit and you are pissed off.
If this game had a more fair RNG, there would be much less complaint about It.


Ive made another post but it got hidden, rip.

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I sort of agree with you. When I selected a 75% stun move, even my opponent expects his or her creature to be stunned. In this case, even 100% stun is the same as 75% chance. By setting 75% stun only adds frustration when it fails.


tbh then people will just complain even more when stun doesn’t land

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I was going to say exactly what Mega said :laughing:

I don’t have a problem with 75%… I have problems with dinos that are TOTALLY dependent on stuns to be good… Took out Paramoloch from my team after a sequence of failed stuns… it gets close to useless if the effect fails…

I disagree with 100% IC… that would make Thor and Allosino too OP


When inatant charge was 100% it was so good tho :joy:


I just had a battle where my Paramoloch and my opponents tragod stuns didn’t stun. 3 moves with a 75% chance to stun, not one stun. I actually guffawed, it was so funny. :joy:
It doesn’t happen very often, but every so often my para does miss her stuns. I can pretty much count on it though. Its probably 1 out of 5 matches that she misses a stun. Not bad odds.

  1. Thats the amount of consecutive 75 stuns Ive missed in the last hour.

Happens to me at least once a week.


i was close to asking to have greater stunning dropped from 75% to 50% :joy:
seems like it works about 95% of the time already. at least against me.

or drop the damage and make stuns 100%. im all for eliminating any and all RNG whenever possible.


I can support this.

Not really sure what the gripe is against expected stuns doing their job. It’s shakes the meta, yes, and other adjustments would need to be made.

But to add to this I am not for “eliminating any RNG”. It’s necesary.