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Increase amount DNA to create Ledendary


After the update I just saw that I need 200 DNA of Megalosaurus for one fuse instead of 50!
I was so close to create Megalosuchus but now??
Can someone tell me if it requires 200 DNA of Amarasaurus per Fuse Gigaspikasaur,too?


I thought for legendaries it was always

500 common
200 rare
50 epic


No I used to need 50 DNA of Megalosaurus but since the silent update it increases to 200.


Damn that’s messed up.

My poor partner was getting so close haha.


good thing i made megalosuchus and got it to level 19 last week and not trying this week


Yep, It has changed. Since the update, they have been spawning like mad. I used to rarely find them but now I’m stacked at 3900+. Don’t worry you’ll get this beaut soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s 200. I’m pretty sure it was already like that before the update though.


This is so harsh. I was close…

Please increase spawn rate of megalo and kapro, I never see them.


No he was correct. Megalosuchus was the only legendary who was “bugged” and required less DNA. I see they finally figured it out and fixed it. Darn. Now I wish they would accidentally “bug” pyrittator tp only need 50 irritator DNA…