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Increase boss frequency on map

Our alliance tried to start a day of raiding. Five players present at the time stated they had 0 dinos in their circle. That’s 10% of the alliance and that was only people present in our telegram at the time, hence there was most likely even larger percentage of people with no bosses around.

I do understand that this is a game that embraces going outside, but in reality the players are people with work, family and school responsibilities. People who try to raid on their breaks midst of doing other things. It’s not possible to expect that when you get a raid group ready, someone would always be able to leave for a walk to get a lobby. It’s really frustrating that raid groups constantly have to give up as no one with a lobby happens to be around.

I guess limiting the boss amounts was a change in last update. Before, it was common to have at least 3 bosses in your circle. That was a bit much, but having at least 1 or 2 bossws around would make getting the raids going so much easier. Then it would be propable that at least one of the raid members would have the boss.


Mondays to Thursdays are usually fine but I wouldn’t mind an increase. It’s the Fridays and Saturdays that really need a huge increase, for having only one boss on the map they are really spread out.

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No they shouldn’t increase boss frequency until they fix the hitbox issue.

Bugs first improvements second.


I really hope they increase the boss frequency…didn’t have one within range for days. And the ones I do have in range are typically the ones beyond my levels.

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Only if they include a toggle to remove boss dinos from the map entirely. I’m already fed up with seeing two of the same boss dinos walking into each other.