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Increase dart storage please


Stuck at home for second day because of the weather, and all I can play is Pokemon Go. I stored 1,000 balls before the temperature drop, only need one ball per Pokémon, this equals to 12,000 darts in JWA. With 140 darts I can play every few hours , so I was forced to play pogo to kill time.
A vip member since last June, I find that it’s always the lack of darts that prevented me from playing more, please increase dart storage to 10,000, with the ability to buy more up to 20,000.
Increase supply drop rate doesn’t help much, instead please increase radius to Dino hunt radius, you can even give non vip members the extended radius to let them have a better experience, maybe you’ll get more vip members.
Please help us and help yourself, thanks!


Yes. 140 isn’t enough, now scents are here.

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They just want you to buy them. :smiley:

When I can’t get out, I very strategically open my incubators to keep the darts trickling in.


I think that if you pay hard cash for a Scent it should come with 140 darts that stack on top of your total. Haloween scents had a 220$ pack that came with the 140 darts and it was pretty awesome. The free ones I can live with scrambling for darts a bit since it was free.