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Increase dna collection limits

With the Alliance tasks about to resume, Ludia should seriously think about increasing the dna limits we can collect. I now have over 10 dinos that have reached their dna limits. 500K for commons & 200K for rares would be great.

Are they about to resume?

As per Mods there will be an official update this Monday i.e. today. So we’re hoping they’ll resume alliance missions today


I do not think that is a problem for a majority of the player base. If you read posts here, people get tired of darting their local spawns after having 20k stocked up.

For those of us who do dart everything, that is 100 Fuses in stock in case something gets a hybrid. I have several that I am at level 20 and maxed on, I just do not dart anymore unless a Mission calls for DNA collection.

But if they were to up it, why even have a limit? It would give hard core players another metric to compete for. Shooting for a million or 5 million DNA! It would require a coding modification to the GUI for DNA reporting on each Dino though. There is not enough space for 200k+, it wraps onto the next line.

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Hi Wwwoodchuck, how’s it hanging?
Yeah, it should be without a cap but then again I’d like to keep it simple for the folks at Ludia hence the 500K & 200K limits. Lol.

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