Increase ferocity - how to progress up with my lineup?

Hi all,
I am stucked again. or better I dont know which creatures I should do next to keep mi linep balanced by ferocity and types.

So what i can do next to increase my ferocity with acceptable differencers, or what Should i do to improve my current lineup

(last screnshots are tab of my tournament usable creatures and their cont + ferocity)

*please dont say I should max my vips, I got my own system for vips (they are numerous backup for event and tournaments)


I’d start increasing the amount of tourney hybrids for each, like Metriaphodon. If you can, get Armormata up to L20 as well.


Afraid no, that armormata is from christmas deal (hybrid for bucks) tourneament herbivore hybrids that can i create now are segno and iguanosuchus

Start creating all of the tournament hybrids that you can, as more are unlocked create those as well.


which levels I supose i can get most of them to 20, 30 with some weaker, but still wait for gorgosaurus tournament so currently i cant get gorgosuchus

Level up ur current metris and buy some more

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Do you have a paddock full of any of the tournament hybrids? If the answer is no then any of them could be worked on.


Lol, that looks for many metriaphodons and Allonogmius (mine favorites)

Do you think I can go with level 31+ Allonogmius and 21 level of metriaphodon?

Yeah but I’d find a better carnivore.

yep, youdon, but allo first as my favorite :smiley:

I would start getting more big tourney herb and amphib hybrids and get more of the hybrids that you have

I would not focus on any carnivores with DNA when SDNA for Indoraptor exists. I would focus on Metriaphodon, another Herbivore (any of them really), and Gorgosuchus (unless another Amphibian comes along that has a higher value).

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That’s a bit problem my gorgosaurus is still locked

Sounds like you need even more Metriaphodons then :wink:

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yep and who not? metria also can easily kills herbivores even with his -50% and you can see i need more pteros :smiley: