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Increase fusion on next update?


Hopefully they increase the fusions… I m pissed about those 10s fusion allmost every time…

Ludia please increase min fusion from 10 to 20
Alwaya Getting 10 DNA per fusion hybrid is frustrating

It will never happen. How would that be fair for people who have suffered hundreds of 10s getting X dino to level 30? All that would to is accelerate everyone getting to max dinos.


shouldnt matter because now everyone can get better fuses. just like when they change rules in the nfl.


Not the same thing at all. JWA is a continuous game not a set of seasons like the NFL. If would be more like changing the rules mid football game. People who have collected x million Velo DNA to get Indo to 30 are done. Now a new player gets the same Indo needing to collect 30% less DNA. It would be like changing the price of Incubators. It will not happen, they have established the economy and it is what it is.


yeah its not the same. just a billion dollar operation is all lol.

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Ludia has already proven that they are willing to change the rules whether its fair or not for new players. For example: in the beginning of the game players could farm velos and ouranos as they were ever present. Now they are not so present anymore for new players. The same thing for epic t-rex…so drastic chances have been done before fair or not fair


just like how in pogo, players spent tons on certain rare pokemon, only for niantic to 2 years later… make them an event.

or how they changed the gym system.


Not necessarily increase, but perhaps smaller chance of getting 10s, so there is actually an equal chance of getting 10 and 20. So annoying to get 10s on indoraptor…

And it would be fair, because a lot of useful hybrid components used to be common, but are now almost impossible to find. So even though it might seem like the people who already have lvl 30 from using more dna got it harder if it were changed, its really the same, since the spawns have been decreased, so the fuses should increase. ex. Velo, ourano, t-rex, all used to be very common, and the players who played then unlocked their hybrids quickly, now, they are barely seen, so it should at least compensate for that.


So just because it was unfair before, it should remain unfair so everyone suffers…?

What a great mindset, you have…


I never said I don’t want better fuses. It would be fine with me. Just saying, don’t hold your breath.

Think you need to look up the definition of unfair. How is the system unfair? Unfair would be to have different rules for different people. The system is clearly established and is the same for everyone. You not liking it, doesn’t make it unfair.


Things change. Sometimes things that were harder before before easier for new people; that’s about as real-life as it gets. To keep things the same solely because they’ve always been that way is nonsense (and also why I’m not a big fan of tradition).


They did nerf rex spawns on new players, so there’s a big advantage to have started from the beginning vs post 1.5. some things change, but I don’t see fuses being one of them - as you said, there is no incentive to, it would just speed up a game that is struggling for content as is.


They nerfed event stops, spawnmechanic much more bad than before 1.5, they nerfed epic spawns, you see that when using an epic scent…and so on… in generell 1.5 was a big fail…hopefully 1.6 will be better otherwise they will loose a lot players

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I’m to the point where I just dont want to endure the fusing of Uniques anymore at all.

Forced into leveling some dino I normaly wouldnt even dart, much less forced into taking it all the way to level 20? Thats not fun in any way, shape or form.

Also, trading 2,000 DNA for 10 DNA on the reg is completely disheartening. It provides no sense of progress and only serves to infuriate me, especially when its 16 degress outside and I had to farm 2k DNA of something I dont even want, just to get that 10.


Bruh I’m working on getting diloracheirus right now Currently 160/250. Of those 0/250-50/250 were all tens and 110/250-160/250 were all tens even just trying to get dna from diloranosaurus to use for diloracheirus is mostly tens for me which sucks cuz I see ouranosaurus maybe once every two weeks. But u just gotta keep on truckin on. There’s ppl here who have gotten uniques in 4 tries so luck isn’t always against u.


What if they base the minimum on your level that way new players would still get the 10’s but higher level players would get 20-30


The balance of getting dns and fusions are bad…since 1.5 the spawns are so bad but you 90% get only 10 fusions…if the dns would be better to get I wouldn’t care but atm its a lot harder to get dns


I believe the way it works is in a timer, when I time it right, I always get 20-50 DNA, I wait about 3/4 seconds. I use the animations to help.
Suchotator, dimodactlyus and einosuchus all take about 3 seconds whereas post dimetrodon takes 4 seconds.
It might just all be coincidence but it explaines some things.


They will only do something like that if they can monetise the idea.


Super VIP at $19.99/month gives you base 20 for fusing?