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Increase Green Supply Drops!

Out of 17 supply drops in my VIP range I only have 1 green tower for epic creatures. I had 3 for rares… We are still in quarantine!! We have been asking for this since forever. Cant you just listen for once ?


Same! I also have 17 in VIP-range. None are green. With rares I had three.

@Ned For the second week in a row, there is not a single green event drop within range. Out of 48 drops that I can see on the horizons, only 6 are green, and the closest one is more than double the distance beyond my outer circle.

I’m thankful that I can reach 10 stops from my house, but would it be that much trouble to distribute them so that someone could reach at least one from a stationary location?

@Ned, I have again only 1 greed drops(out of 17) in my range. However, I have 5 rare strike towers and 7 raptor scent towers. Who needs 7 scent towers :smiley: Please decrease the strike towers(especially the lower quality ones) and increase epic creatures. I can add screen shots if needed.

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Thanks, everyone! I’ll relay the feedback to our team.

This week I have one green drop in range of my house. So in the last three weeks, I’ve had a grand total of ONE green supply drop (for the commons) that has been in reach of my house.

0 green drops for rare creatures in the Irritator week. Thanks Ludia. 5 boost towers and 5 common towers.

1 green supply drop out of 17 for rare creatures this week. This green drop is 260m away. So hardly any battery to dart

I can reach 22 supply with vip range, got only one green for common since monday… Now I got 2 more for rares and the missing epic strike from last week one which is too far, it’s truly hopeless.

Please decrease the advantage trial strike tower, i cant found the epic strike.

For the 2nd week in a row I have ZERO green drops for the rare creatures and 1 for the common… And since they don’t move around or anything that means week 2 without access to get rares. And no epic strike around either…

Guess what ? Nothing has changed…

Yeah well I have emailed support last week and this week and I keep getting the same party line that supposedly they don’t control which stops become event drops, that Google does. and that maybe I should go out and explore to find the rare dinosaurs that I haven’t been able to get for the last 2 weeks… “Please note that Special Events in the game, just like other interactive objects, are subject to move due to the ever-changing Points of Interest. As such, our recommendation is to check other areas for these Special Events.” So much for ludia caring about the pandemic and people being on lockdown…

Well done Ludia. 0 green drops in my VIP range again for epics. I only had 1 for rares.

1 Green drop, way out of range. @LudiaDevs: Bots!

I have 5 of the rare strike event and 3 of the scent strike in my range. Looking out, all I can see are the rare strikes, plus one common blue strike. What’s going on? Why so many of the exact same supply drop all over the place?

The strikes are part of the problem - they’re too abundant (and the epic ones are too rare). Would it really be asking too much for them to revert to a regular (with a chance of green) supply drop when completed, instead of taking up most of the map space?

0 green drops in my VIP range again(17 drops). I dont care the common dna but I want FIP from green drops. What is the point of having 6 common strike towers?