Increase max darts


It was nice when you went to a supply drop and got darts over the limit 140 darts.

Now mostly at the supply drops you only get darts of most of the time. When your thing is already full with 140.


Make it to a size of 200 for regular users.
Make it to a size of 400 for vip users.

Also a bug sometimes when i already have 140 darts and i get more it puts me to 130.


I think even 200/400 is low for Regular/VIP users. I’d say that it should be at least 400/800.


Yes and why not 5000 / 10 000 ??
Darts are a limiting resource by design, they are easy to come but they are not made to be stacked more than a few, you have to hit SD regularly to replenish. Good news you got them in incubs too. And a good tip you’d better wait a little to make a crit : you will send less dart and earn more DNA


Agree VIP should get dart increase.


I wonder if you purchase 350 darts with cash if you will get it all?


I had to scramble last night just to find drops where I could restock on darts. Just my luck, not a whole lot of darts, but a ton of coins. And I agree with the idea regarding the max cap of darts to 200. Not a lot of us are efficient enough to nail tons of DNA per dino with the minimum amount of darts.


Yes you will and it won’t disappear they are permanent in your inventory until you use them


Then i think i have a bug i purchased 10 darts before i closed the game meaning i had 150 darts. Now it’s back to 140


Mmm maybe I accidentally bought 200 last night >.> do not recommend was a huge waste of bucks anywho they were there after I woke up so they should stay


You sound like someone who lives in an area with a bunch of drops. So sure that’s all fine an Dandy when you live in those areas, but when you don’t have many drops you’re screwed. Which is probably the exact reason why Pokemon GO allows you to have as many as will fit in your backpack, so that way you’re just limited by the backpack size, not the number of each item that you have. :wink:


I feel players would enjoy the game more if they just had a dart increase every time they levelled up. It can take a while to get up the levels so by increasing the darts per level, like 5 or more darts per level it would encourage more game play. There is no limit to the amount of poke balls in Pokémon go. They could Even go along those lines.


I agree with that and double for vip


That was actually a question of mine as well if I go and purchase the 350 darts pack does that now mean that I can carry 350 darts? At all times? This 140 crap is a joke. Also I am currently doing the VIP membership to see what it offers and I really don’t feel that vip For the amount of money they are asking.


I feel an upgrade system for one’s drone would be best. Max darts could be raised via upgrades.


Yes fof purchasing and rewards from battle you will have more and show as 350/140 but cannot get free darts until its below 140/140.