Increase max player level from 20 to 30 or 40

A lot of people can reach level 20 easily which is not a concern. I think a good idea would be to increase that number so there is more variaty between players.


What would the new player levels gain?
Do you increase the available creature levels as well?
Would the increase be retroactive to include achieved points?


I’ve been saying for months that player levels should increase to 30 and dinos to 40. I think it will help balance PVP a bit, and also, for a lot of us with an abundance of level 30 dinos, it’s just not fun darting anymore since we rarely see anything we need.


Why not let players build their dinos up more?

After two and a half years it’s inevitable that many players will have fully maxed out creatures so why not raise the limit?

The longer term players will have a reason to start darting again, and their teams will get stronger. This will create a more distinct division amongst the top players in the arena too and maybe balance it better.

PokemonGo has done this with the max level increase by creating tasks and so on to encourage their long term players to keep playing to reach the new higher maximum. It can be done, and certainly should be in this game.


I was actually thinking the same thing the other day. Most people have maxed out creatures, I feel a lot of people would love to get back on the grind of levelling up the creatures they love. With the more levels the harder it is to level up to, so would keep people playing the game longer. If they are waiting to put this in, I feel the thing they are waiting on is for people to get Max level apex creatures.the player level going up to level 30, you would get more points from darting so it would speed up the process slightly. Would also help with one of the problems with Para Lux considering people are hardly going to find any, so the more you can dart off of 1 para Lux, the better.


I personally would not be a fan of this.

It already takes a long while to reach lvl30. The jump from lvl29 to lvl30 is huge. Imagine lvl32, 32 etc. Lvl40 would be insane!

Then factor in how long it would take to get a new Dino to this level as they are released. It means you would never see the new dinos being used.

When you have a lvl30 Dino you likely help out your alliance by donating hard to find/get dna when they request it. If I suddenly found out I had given away all of that Tenonto dna for example I would not be impressed.

Having player level increase beyond lvl20 I would be fine with. Presumably Ludia has track of everything that has already been achieved so you may find many of the lvl20 players would instantly jump to the increased lvl30 though anyway :slight_smile:

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