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Increase of Apex Dna chance

Its been quite some weeks since i see 15 poping around and tbh it really becomes annoying. Idk how that works but earllyer in a game it was balance if you get 15 then next week you get for example 25 or 20. Now its like 15 15 15 15 15 15 :confused: I woudnt make this post but for real Less then all its once per week situation and it takes forever to actually some times get it due to internet problems or other things. Now its dna problems too… I dont say that 15 shoudnt be at all there is all ways buttom Dna but pls balance it more like it was before if one week its 15 then another week 20 then 25 then at some point again 15 other ways its really annoying to see every week 15 poping up again and again. Hopefuly i am not the only one that is soo annoyed of this and ppl here will understand it right ^^’ couse ik a lot are annoyed seeing apex in arenas but i am lvl 20 player with all creatures unlockt and seeing Dna like this idk its just dont feels right. Once in some time i agree 15 should pop up but not all the time.

I’m pretty sure it’s exactly the same as before, and you’re just unlucky.

I have been getting more 20’s and 25’s than 15’s I think you are just unlucky

I get 20 average, I had gotten 5 15’s but followed by 5 25’s. You were just unlucky if you still have not caught up to 20 per raid yet

I had a two week stretch, were I got 15 DNA on 7/8 Apex… then a good week, then 7/8 again. So umm, yes I am sick and tired of constantly getting 15’s. Some in my group are almost on 28 Cera, here I am 3 weeks away from them, even though I do the exact same raids. Ticks me off big time