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Increase of super boosted dinos after boost reset news

Faced a 169 speed creature in low library today, forgot what was the dino. Is anyone else having the same experience?

I think it’s a combination of people spending all the boosts that they had previously been stockpiling, and droppers bring back out their A game so they can rise up the rankings and win a better end of season reward.

As a result, the last week has bern been absolutely crazy in the upper Library / Lower Depot.

Most likely a procerathomimus.

could be, oh well lets enjoy the madness while it last lol.

What else can we expect when boosts are available every day?

There’s gonna be a boost reset in 1.15 so people 're no longer afraid to boost their dinos up more

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I’ve just used the rest of my available boosts today. Got these two to 22 and 20 tiers respectfully.

Whoa boy … my Goat caught a BIG ONE!

I guess the indo g2 went es and the cloak failed.

It killed my Erlidom, then it went CS and cloak failed.

Ya it feels good when your attack goes thru a cs or any cloak for tat matter. but of course not when it happens to your own indo g2 lol.

I don’t use IndoG2, but my Erlidom’s cloak failing to a 2.5K attack Thor that gets a crit 1st turn is horrible.


Haha Ikr! When my cloaked erli survives a thor rampage, I’ll go yes! You can only ko me if you get a hit And a crit, and guess wat it gets both lol. Sometimes rng can be a real pain.

Yeah, considering Erliko is meant to be a counter for Thor, it ends up dead before it can strike about half the time…

Wait, what?! I am off for just a couple of days and missed this?

Can anyone post a link to the news? Maybe it’s that ‘boy look’ my wife keeps complaining about, but I could not find it. Even tried a few search terms…

Is this the topic you’re after?

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Thanks @Delta!

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