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Increase Raid Rewards Ludia!

Raids are fun. Most of you will agree. Raids are arguably one of the best additions that Ludia has made to this game. They are enticing, fast-paced, strategic. They require carful planning so you can’t just go in mindlessly spam buttons and expect to win (cough,Pokemon Go,cough) No, these battles are hard fought and require effort from all four participants to win. Because of how difficult some raids are to beat you would think the rewards would be worth it. Wrong! You get so little DNA from doing raids, that it isn’t even worth it for some people. Who needs Sino DNA? Seriously, if you were around at the time alliances became a thing, you probably have thousands of sino dna lying around waiting to be used. Instead of a way to boost your teams, they are essentially conquests that have to be completed. Ending the rant, it is very easy to fix this, just increase the raid rewards so that they are worthwhile(apex DNA rewards are fine, considering how strong they are they should take time to unlock) At least give us one fuse on mammolania and magna. And two or three for the epics. What do you guys think?

  • Raid Rewards should be increased
  • Raid Rewards are fine
  • Raid Rewards should decrease

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Me, always

As long as Apex stays as is, I’m fine with anything reasonable

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As someone suggested before, they need to add coins to the raid rewards.