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Increase rate of Park Spawns

For a game that encourages players to go out and about exploring their area, Parks don’t seem to be their point of interest.

I paid a visit to a few parks yesterday in an effort to come by some Dilophosaurus Gen2, and I was quickly reminded how useless playing at a park was. Of the 4 parks I drove by, I came across 1 Dilo2. In fact, I came across little to any dinosaurs. Shouldn’t visiting parks be considered an encouraged notion for this game? So why is it that they’re the WORST place to hunt in this game?

I’m sure I’m not the first person to suggest this, but I believe increasing the rate of spawns would be very healthy for this game. Parks, I’d imagine, would be the place considered to have most dinosaurs roaming. Regardless of my imaginations, spawns at parks are just so poor and need revamping.


Once again, a very valid point!

Agree a lot. I try to hunt a lot in parks too, in effort to farm Dilo G2, Stego and Triceratops (for my Monostegotops), but it takes me a lot of time, effort and scents to actually even get what I want. The park pool is too big and filled with lots of useless stuff (though I think a few of them might become useful with 1.6) and it is quite hard to get what you want. Not to mention how low spawns are in parks like you mentioned, without scents you don’t get enough. Even with scents, you can’t get so much.


I have over 50 Miles of drivable parks. And it is miles of driving between the usefull park spawns. Usually just pass endless Lythro, Ophiacodon etc.

Scents don’t help since the spawns are split between so many dinos. A 20 minutes scent gets me zero or 1 Dilo Gen 2 sometimes, on a good day 2.

In fact, I have probably gotten as many rare Quetzal as Dilo Gen2 driving around. (Hope it gets a hybrid) lol

Yes, please…

I hunt gryposuchus in parks, yet a lot of spawns are nunda/irritator gen 2.

Maybe it’s because ludia thinks parks are everywhere and you came across a lot of them… Spoiler alert : it’s not the case in a lot of places in the world…
What makes me think that way? The fact they took time to put event drops out of actual parks because they didn’t see the problem at the beginning (since no shortage of parks around them probably)

Parks are already difficult (sometimes closed at night), not efficient vs other places but making it the only place for a required common for a strong unique is bad design. When I drop 5 common scents in a park and get 2 dilo2 something is really wrong…honestly it’s not worth it. Lucky those who had access to a lot of dilo2 before it huge spawn nerf.


Man I used to live in local 2 and still regret to this day ignoring all those Dilo G2 when they were so common…

I’ve said this in 1.4 and although it’s gotten better in 1.5, I’ll say it again.

Park spawns should be distributed among the zones, and the parks themselves should spawn a little of everything.


And the big dog park by my house is just a giant park on map and has a good number of stops but more than half of the stops are in bushes and not on the trails through the forest. Run one scent and can’t keep up on darts because of this.
But since there are hardly any wild spawns it’s not like there is anything else to dart.
I’ll maybe see a stego once every 3 visits in the wild. Dilo gen2 I never see in the wild. Only the odd one from scents.
Improving park spawns and stops would be a good way to get people to walk and play instead of driving and playing.

Park spawns are so terrible. It’s impossible to level any dinos by hunting at parks. Luckily we have donations now but it still moves at a snail’s pace if you are getting more DNA from donations than from hunting. This whole migration has been a slap in the face to hunters.


Would be cool if walking in parks could come close to driving through town. Not sure how to prevent people from driving in parks though, lol.

Well the only park near me is state game lands… to get to 80% of the stops takes walking through woods where there are no trails much less roads… its not even good atv driving… ive given up on park dinos until weather breaks.