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Increase Team Size to 12

I, for one, would like to see team size increased to 12. That would encourage more diversity in the arena, more discrimination in choosing boosts for each one on the team, and consequently, more balance.

Of the 17 L30’s I have, 9 are maxed boosted.
11 of them would be maxed the moment this went live.
There are many others that would do this and it would be a bloodbath unlike any reset you have ever seen.
You don’t want this.

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As @W1ckety said… this would only be a benefit to those who have a stock pile of boosts and thats a thing.

Any other team would simply be adding dinos to a team that will increase the lose percentage. While also hurting new player retention.

I would love a giant deck tournament which you pick 24 creatures advantage or skill. It would make games really random in tournaments

I’ve championed the idea of increasing the pool too, but I hadn’t reckoned on the top players having a pool of unused boosts.

I can see that may make things even worse than they already are now.